MIMR Band Chat: Slap Rash

One of the most exciting duo’s to appear on the blog in recent times, gripping and enrthalling in equal measure, Slap Rash are ready to take this saturday’s Deco Records all dayer by the horns!

MIMR: Great to have one of MIMR favourite new bands at the moment on the blog, how best would you describe your sound?

SR: We’d say our sound could be seen as the result of two members of an abandoned funk band decided to start making hard noisy punk. Female Fronted, Heavy drums, Heavy bass (and a little synth).

MIMR: How has 2019 been for the band and what can we expect on the horizion for Slap Rash?

SR: 2019 has been great, since moving up to Manchester we’ve made friends with some incredible bands and released two singles. We’ve got some big plans for writing and recording over the next few months so expect some announcements for 2020.

MIMR: So your on the bill for this saturday’s Deco Records all dayer, how’s the preparations going for the gig and what can we expect from one of your live shows?

SR: We’ve been filling our time getting sweatier and sweatier writing and rehearsing for this show. You should expect unapologetically raw noise, And maybe some damaged limbs.

MIMR: MIMR has been fond of many 2 piece bands over the years, in your opinion what makes this dynamic so desirable?

SR: We’d say it’s the need to adapt and evolve to such a simplistic ensemble. There’s a tangible feeling of momentum when there’s two musicians putting in all their energy into a performance.

MIMR: It’s been a honour having you on the blog, how can people follow you on social media?

SR: We have Facebook (SLAP RASH) Instagram (slaprash) Twitter (SLAPRASHBAND), and you can find our two singles on all major streaming platforms. It’s been an absolute pleasure, thank you!

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