MIMR Band Chat: Slab

Ahead of this Saturday Deco Records all dayer at Retro Bar, MIMR spoke to Slab as they gear up to take to the stage to play they’re fierce and enthralling set.

MIMR: It’s a pleasure to have you on the blog, tell us a bit about Slab, how did the band come to exist and was there a clear idea of what you would sound like?

Slab: We all wanted to write interesting, pretty heavy music that brings in influences from all over the place. We’re a three piece.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band?

Slab: We’re looking for the right producer to record with, and we’re writing new stuff all the time. And Paul has a new bass string to replace the one he broke

MIMR: Super to see you on the bill for Deco Records latest gig this saturday, what kind of vibe can we expect from your set?

Slab: Energetic, a bit sinister. Melodic and ace

MIMR: What gig venues have been your favourite to play and why?

Slab: This will only be our 4th gig as slab, so Peer Hat and Aatma are our favourites. Peer Hat has a lovely sound engineer and the staff are super friendly.

MIMR: Thanks again for dropping by and chatting to us, how can people follow you on social media?

Slab: We’re @slabisthree on Facebook. Nothing else is set up yet. We’ll get there

Tickets available here:


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