MIMR Band Chat: Hair Island

Shortly before they embark on their debut gig in Manchester this saturday, MIMR caught up with post-punk/Psych act Hair Island from Lancaster to see what all the fuss is about!

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, how did Hair Island start up and what influences do you have?

Dave: I used to be in a band called Electric Free Time Machine that played round the north about 10 years ago. After that folded there were a few other projects like a noise band with our drummer Cam called Dr Robotnik but everything kind of fizzled out. After years of having nothing going on I started to miss playing live so decided to put something together. No grandiose notions; something stripped back and fun. Between the three of us I’d say loads of influences probably go into the pot but the primary thinking behind Hair Island was to combine the hyper rocking scronk of a band like Bilge Pump from Leeds with psyche elements of bands like Gnod (Manchester) and the Cosmic Dead (Glasgow).

MIMR: You recently released a few tracks on your bandcamp, can we expect any more releases in the near future?

Dave: Yeah definitely. We’ve only been going nine months now and booked 4 hours in a studio to quickly smash out a demo. We were very lucky to get a load of great gigs purely on word of mouth. We needed something there to try and get out of town gigs without having to just tell promoters “you’re just gonna have to trust us, we’re alright”. We’ve got loads of new stuff bubbling away so after this gig we are gonna have a bit of time off to work on a new set.

MIMR: Cracking to see you on the amazing line up at Deco Records all dayer on saturday. Are you excited to be in Manchester for the 1st time and what can we expect from one of your live shows?

Dave: I love Manchester. Back in the day all our best gigs were in Manny; it still has probably the best music scene in the country so it’s great to get back there with this new band. This will probably be the last time we play this exact set so we are gonna try and rinse it. Got to follow our hometown buddies the 3D tanx which is no small feat. Also have to try and not get too hammered drinking all day at the Retro bar; let’s see how that goes.

MIMR: If you weren’t being in a band what other pastimes would you be doing instead?

Dave: All the things we already do really, but probably a bit more of them. We all have various arty type pursuits. Lottie our bassist is a graphic artist for one thing (Insta @lottievision) so that comes in pretty handy for band artwork as her style fits the music great.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, we look forward to seeing you on saturday. How can people follow you on social media?

Dave: We’ve got a Facebook and an instagram


Instagram @hairislandband

If anyone wants to give us a gig they can message us there or email


They play with our good friends Deco Records on saturday, tickets avaiable here:


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