MIMR Band Chat: Furrowed Brow

As we edge closer to the next Deco Records all dayer shindig at Retro Bar this saturday, MIMR spoke to another one of the acts that will be gracing the stage this weekend, Furrowed Brow

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog. How would you describe your sound and what are your main influences?

FB: Hi! We’ve got lots of keyboard/synth sounds and lovely backing vocals accompanied by clean-ish guitar. We sound like a mix of Magazine, Velvets, Julian Cope, Violent Femmes, early Suede, early Blue Orchids I suppose with a smattering of the Wedding Present; it’s difficult to give a satisfactory answer when you’re actually in the band and all the songs sound quite different. We were going for Iggy Pop crossed with Emily Bronte but have failed miserably.

MIMR: How has 2019 been so far for the band and what plans have you got coming up?

FB: Cruel, as every year is. We started doing gigs around Manchester at the end of June and are basically trying to play as much as possible. We’ve got this Deco’s all-dayer coming up on Saturday, lots of bands that we know are great are playing, that’ll be a really good bash. Then we’re playing at The Castle on Monday 30th which our mates Babel Station are organising on a pay-what-you-like basis so if nothing else it’ll be affordable. We’re all going to go to Remake Remodel afterwards and get fucked up, so come along. Our next goal is to try and acquire a snare, and we want to get a short film made or something.

MIMR: What’s your favourite about playing live?

FB: Playing gigs is what it’s all about.

MIMR: If you could tour with any other band, who would it be and why?

FB: Patience because we’re all desperately in love with the singer Roxanne.

MIMR: Been a pleasure having you on the blog, have a great day on Saturday. How can people follow you on social media?

FB: Thanks. We have 3 crappy tape recorded songs up at soundcloud.com/furrowedbrow, they kind of sound like really bad quality Velvet Underground demo offcuts which is what we’re going for. Our Facebook page has gig dates and occasional frivolous pictures of us. We have Instagram too but none of us can be bothered to keep posting stuff onto it so it’s kind of dormant, actually I just wouldn’t bother.

Tickets here:


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