MIMR Band Chat: Leisure Theory

Leisure Theory is the solo creation of Jake Smith, bringing a refreshing and enchanting electro sound to Manchester as he prepares to embark on reaching out to many new followers.

MIMR spoke to Jake to discuss the project’s beginnings, influences and future plans.

MIMR: Thanks for speaking to us on the blog. Tell us about Leisure Theory, what are your influences and what plans do you have for the future?

Jake: Thanks for having me! Leisure Theory began as a bedroom project in my home town of Derry, Ireland in early 2016. From years of being a guitar player in multiple bands, I knew that I wanted to branch out and attempt to work with more electronic sounds. Step one for me was buying a small drum machine to play alongside and from there, I began to build up a small albums worth of solo electronic music. When I moved to Manchester I wanted to expand further, gain a better understanding of production and play live shows.
In terms of influences for Leisure Theory, I try to keep a large variation of genre in the music. The goal of the project is to make something that I would personally listen to and enjoy and going forth, I want to have created an expansive back catalogue of music with a reputation for an energetic and varied live set.

MIMR: You released your EP earlier this year, how did it come about and are you happy with how it turned out?

Jake: Yes, it was a huge weight off my shoulders to release my debut EP, “This Is My Password” in April. Prior to the EP, I hadn’t released any music since my debut single, Gambler in 2018. That song was recorded when Leisure Theory was a three piece project, as opposed to a solo effort. I didn’t know if any of the songs from This Is My Password were going to see the light of day as they remained unfinished until the beginning of 2019. I like to reflect back to the release of the EP as an example of the music I create and my intention of going forward solo. Ranging from ambient moments, electronic rock, pop and techno, it was a collection of my strongest songs from 2016 – 2019. My latest single that I released last month, Subjects had a faster turnaround and is the beginning of a batch of fresher songs that I hope to continue to release into 2020.

MIMR: Do you have live shows planned and what’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Jake: Since moving to Manchester, I’ve always wanted to perform live as Leisure Theory and with the release of the EP, I played my first gig at Fuel Cafe in Withington. My favourite thing about playing these songs live is the reaction to the dancier tracks. Songs that go down well are Subjects, Gambler and Convolute. It’s fun to find a flow within a live set also. At the moment, I’m preparing for the addition of some new tracks ahead of the last few gigs of 2019. I have two quite exciting gigs (which I’m going to be testing the new material at) in December which will be announced soon!

Recent single ‘Subjects’

MIMR: Are there any venues out there that you’d like to play but havent managed to yet?

Jake: I would love to play at the Deaf Institute or the pink room at Yes which is one of my favourite venues in town. I feel quite lucky to have scored Gullivers and the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester off the list so far!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us and wish you well for rest of the year? How can people follow you on social media and listen to some music?

Jake: Thanks very much! You can find me on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as Leisure Theory. I’ve got a new single coming out at in November so keep your ears alive for that….

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