MIMR Playlist No.1

After a long abscence on the blog, i’ve decided to bring back MIMR Playlist back in it’s original format. Hopefully it will become a weekly segment on the blog reviewing what new music is hot at the moment.

Hey Bulldog ‘Death and Greed’

Fresh from their biggest sold out show at Manchester’s Jimmy’s on saturday night (14th Sept) the rock trio have all the right tools to hit even bigger stages in the near future.

Latest track Death and Greed is set for vinyl release October 4th and it’s a blistering effort from the word go. Laden with heavy-grungey guitars and Rob bellowing, blasting vocals make for a epic sound that is jaw-dropping and truely memorable, one of the many reasons MIMR has been a long time admirer of the 3 piece, hard work can earn you success and Hey Bulldog deserve all the praise they get!

Reclaim Vienna ‘Kick The Butterfly’

On the cursp of the big time, Reclaim Vienna unleash new single ‘Kick The Butterfly’ recently released via Manchester newest record label 42s Records.

Embracing the musical heritage of the classic indie sound and already drawing comparisions with the likes of Manchester acts New Order and Slow Readers Club, the indie-synth wave 6 piece from Cheshire display their sonic sound with this track, echoing in your ears.

Spiralling guitars and glowing vocals make this track stand out from the crowd. They play Bread Shed, Manchester in November, be quick before they play to much bigger audiences, it’s sure to happen sooner rather later.

Baby Brave ‘Eyeyeye’

MIMR would like to say that Wrexham noise-pop quartet Baby Brave have been one of the most covered acts on the blog over the years and it’s been exciting to see them go from strength to strength in 2019 with some standout releases, the latest one being the long time live favourite Eyeyeye’.

Em’s instantly recognisable tight vocals, some striking riffs and another Baby Brave track that instantly makes you smile. They have been chosen to head to Canada this october to represent our good friends at Focus Wales and the sterling work they do for welsh music, the canadians won’t know what’s hit them!

Masa Diora ‘Oh Nebula’

When was electro/psychedelic rock not cool and a Manchester based trio Masa Diora are out there going above and beyond to get their intricate melodies a platform to shine.

Latest track ‘Oh Nebula’ is the perfect insight into the band’s ability to convert and excite you with their mesemerising sound. Enchanting vocal harmonies and engaging synths make for a magical track, taking you on a journey reaching into the highest point, beam me up!

MIMR will certainly be keeping tabs on future releases, more of the same please.

All the track are here:

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