MIMR Favourite Records: Bleach Body

In another one of the new series on MIMR, i asked Manchester noise-rock trio Bleach Body to share some of their favourite records, as well as tell us what they’re future plans are ahead of their appearance on the next Deco Records gig at Manchester’s Jimmy’s venue this Saturday!

Ioanna – Guitars/ Vocals

I’m picking Surfer Rosa by the Pixies.

Surfer Rosa is the first full length album by The Pixies and it was produced by Steve Albini -one of my all time favourite producers- in 1988.

Quite odd if you think that it sounds so so ahead of its time. I think i had just picked the electric guitar at the time and being self taught I used to put the album on and just jam along the songs. Pixies soon became my favourite band as they embodied every music style I loved at the time. Classic rock, grunge, surf and punk, all mashed into a chaotic, noisy symphony! Surfer Rosa introduced me to a very different guitar playing style as I quickly realised that you don’t have to play heavy power chords or have an overdriven guitar to play punk music.
Favourite song: Gigantic – the way Kim Deal delivers her vocal, with all her sweetness and comedic attitude while singing about a gigantic love( penis). Boy, she taught me how to be myself -you don’t have to sing in perfect tone, you don’t have to act sexy – just be yourself!

Finally this album’s got everything I adore as a music fan and musician. The artwork is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve ever seen on an album, it’s sexy, it’s powerful, it’s fun. it’s..The Pixies!

Seeing them next week for the first time too, they’ll probably blow my mind!

Adrian – Drums

I’m picking Follow The Leader by Korn
I come from a nu-metal background and this album has been a happy-go-lucky companion for many many years now.
Released in 1998 and produced by Steve Thompson and Toby Wright, this album represents everything I love about music. Heavy riffs, powerful vocals and stomping drums.
The album’s theme is bouncing around depression, love, loneliness and loss and it has helped me go through some rough times myself in the past.

Luke – Bass / Vocals

I’m definitely struggling to think of anything I love more than Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op 74 (1960 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra version conducted by Evgeny Mravinsky).

It’s Tchaikovsky’s final symphony before he died about a week after its first performance and was so dark it was quickly dubbed his musical suicide note (even though he wasn’t confirmed to have died by suicide). It’s heavy and nightmarish at times and really delicate and melancholy at others so nods at all of my other more modern influences in post-punk, metal, ambient electronica etc. This recording is especially cool because the orchestra and conductor were under intense pressure from the Soviet-era Russian government to represent their country proudly on the world’s stage. As a result of this and the society that the performers were coming from it has so much more aggression than other more recent recordings and is scarily frantic at some points. Headphones, loud, eyes closed.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band?

BB: Bleach Body are currently recording their first EP somewhere in a dark studio up the Mill while trying to hold everything else together in their lives. Life’s hard guys, pick up a guitar!

All future gigs are up to date on our fb page https://www.facebook.com/bleachbodyuk/ and you can also follow us on bandcamp and Instagram!

Tickets available here:

Hey Bulldog – MCR

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