MIMR Band Chat: Gardenback

The final band for MIMR to feature ahead of the Deco Records gig this saturday (tomorrow) are Alt-rock trio Gardenback

We spoke to them about their year so far, favourite venues and some new bands too.

MIMR: We welcome you to MIMR, give us a brief introduction into the band and what are your main influences in creating your sound?

G: We’re a three piece from Oldham. We’ve known each other since we squeaky voiced pre-teens and started playing together as Gardenback about three or four years ago. We’re influenced by a lot of 80’s and 90’s alt rock, particularly bands like Pavement and Pixies.

MIMR: How has this year been for the band and what can we expect in the near future?

G: This year has been an interesting one for us, we have written tonnes of new material, and have been recording ourselves a lot. We’ve managed to put out a couple of self produced singles which has been a lot of fun, and we’re hoping to get a couple more in before the years out, and are working towards releasing an EP

MIMR: Great to see you on the bill for Deco Records gig at Jimmy’s this saturday. What’s been your favourite gig venue you’ve played as a band?

G: We’ve had a few great shows at Jimmys in the past and are looking forward to playing it again! In terms of favourite venues, we once played at Sacred Trinity church in Salford which was really cool, we organised that gig with Elephant Management and got to spend sometime decorating the church itself which was a lot of fun.

MIMR: What are your thoughts on the music scene in Manchester at the moment and what other new bands are you enjoying at the moment?

G: The scene is fantastic at the moment. There are great gigs on near enough every night and I think the standard across the board is so high that everyone is pushing and supporting each other!

In terms of bands we’re enjoying there’s loads! Obviously Hey Bulldog’s new stuff is sounding great, we saw The Big Peach and Goa Express a few weeks ago and they were both ace, and we’re all dead excited for Deja Vegas new album! I’ve been listening to The Be Positives album on bandcamp today as well and that’s amazing, Postcard is a beautiful song.

MIMR: Cheers for dropping by and chatting to MIMR, how can people follow you on social media?

G: If people search for us on Facebook we’re there or find us on twitter on @gardenbackmusic and Instagram on @grdnbck we’ve also been putting songs out on bandcamp recently so always worth checking out http://gardenback.bandcamp.com if you want to hear us.

Tickets available here:

Hey Bulldog – MCR

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