MIMR Band Chat: Hey Bulldog

A band who MIMR have been a long time admirer of returns to the blog and that is the brilliant Hey Bulldog who are ready to tear it up again this saturday when they headline the latest Deco Records gig at Manchester’s Jimmy’s venue.

I spoke to Matt from the band ahead of the show about their year so far!

MIMR: It’s a real pleasure to have you back on the blog, it’s been a while. How has 2019 been for the band?

Matt: 2019 has been another amazing year for the band, we had a jam packed festival season, playing Cotton Clouds, Blackthorn And Kendal Calling to name but a few. We spent quite a but of time in the studio at the start of the year, and have just released our single California in June which seemed to go down a real storm, some great reviews and radio plays from the likes of John Kennedy and Chris Hawkins. We also have another single coming out in early October… this time on vinyl, something we are all really proud of.

Pics by Steve Hampson

MIMR: You have a special gig this saturday for Deco Records which is looking like it will be a fantastic night. What’s been your most memorable gig of recent times?

Matt: I’d have to say a real stand out moment though this year was supporting The Feels at Yes… I love the band and Shannon Lay’s solo work too, it was so good to meet them all. We also played a gig in London at the Seabright Arms, a great venue, supporting The Light Shines. It’s always great going to London to play, we get to do it about once a year and we always have the best time with really great people.

MIMR: I saw that you played a few festivals over the summer, how were these and do you prepare any differently to these compared to a regular gig?

Matt: When it comes to playing festivals we always prepare a set of our greatest hits, but with a little something new for the seasoned veterans to sink their teeth into. This year we ended on a new song which really seemed to go down well each time we played it. Festival sets vary in length as well so the set needs to be adaptable enough to remove it add songs with it still working well. We like to start off hard then bring it down in the middle to then really climax at the end… classic festival set.

MIMR: If you were to do a DJ set after a gig, what 3 tracks would be essential to play?

Pic by Jo Lowes

Matt: Three… that’s so difficult to choose. I would definitely have to put something from The Libertines or Babyshambles in there, like Horror Show, The Saga or Carry on up the Morning. Also something from Idles, like I’m Scum, Samaritans or 1049 Gotho. And finally I’d need a classic in there… maybe something from Bowie like TVC15, or Jimi Hendrix… anything by him…

MIMR: Thanks again for chatting to MIMR, see you at the Deco gig, remind us of how people can follow you on social media?

Matt: You can find us on Facebook




Twitter https://twitter.com/heybulldog

and you can also check out our latest news and gig dates on our website


Hey Bulldog – MCR

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