MIMR Band Chat: Otis Jordan

As we get ready for another Deco Records gig, this time at the one our favourite venues Gullivers, the opening act of the evening on saturday is Alt-folk singer Otis Jordan and it will be the perfect way to start the night.

I spoke to Otis ahead of the show to talk about influences and favourite bands.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog Otis, how did you get into music and what influences do you have in creating your sound?

Otis: Thanks for having me ! Ah I’ve always been into music or completely fascinated by it, as long as i can remember, but i feel that i’m getting more and more deeply immersed in it as i get older.

However, certain people (kind of mentor figures) throughout my life have defiantly impacted massively on my music and my love of music.
..or music my dad played to me growing up like the anthology of american folk music.. or other things !
A lot of Manchester musicians and friends like Sam Mcloughlin and David Chatton Barker, Lord Mongo, Paddy Steer, Graham Massey to name a few, but also Can, Sufian Stevens, Faust etc

MIMR: What have you been up to this year and what does the future hold for your music?

Otis: I’ve been playing gigs around Manchester either solo or with friends, and I did some gigs as a group as Folklore Tapes and we went around the UK to London, Bristol and to the Lancashire Moors, but also lots of recording and different collaboration projects. I also did a video/some drumming with the band Underworld.

At the moment i’m finishing a new solo album, and working on an album with Sam Mcloughlin which will be coming out next year through a label, kind of homemade folk horror/electronic/psych album.. and have a plan to collaborate live with Manchester space wizzard Paddy Steer in the near future..

MIMR: Your opening for Deco Records this Saturday at Gullivers, do you get nervous before gigs and if so how do you cope with these pre gig?

Otis: Ah yeah i do ! I usually walk around town for a bit.. you always come across all sorts of crazy things happening in that strange window between sound-checking and performing..

MIMR: If you were promoter and could put on your dream 5 band line up, who would they be and why?

Otis: That’s hard ! I’d get the Memphis Jug Band on there for some crazy jug action, Moondog doing his mad beats, Harry Partch for his massive glass chamber bowl music, Can for the energy, Pavement for the pop song goodness!

MIMR: Thanks Otis for chatting to us, how can people follow you on social media and check out some music too?

Otis: Ah no worries, thanks again for having me !

My bandcamp is the main stuff for my music.. https://otisjordan.bandcamp.com/releases

but i also have this website and my facebook,


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