MIMR Band Chat: tAngerinecAt

The next band on MIMR are the headline act at our good friends Deco Records next gig this saturday at Gullivers and they are ready to take the night by storm with their perfect blend of electronica and post-punk vibes.

MIMR spoke to the band ahead of this saturday’s gig.

MIMR: Great to have, for the first time on MIMR, you guys, welcome. Give us a brief description of the band and what influences your sound?

tAngerinecAt: Thank you so much! We feel very honored to be invited. tAngerinecAt is a nomadic duo formed in Ukraine. Stunning lead hurdy-gurdy with effect pedals, fierce yet tender vocals, floaty flutes, massive drone bass and DIY samples seamlessly combine with electronic beats, powerful political message and piercing honesty in an utterly captivating show.

We are inspired and influenced by our studies, travels and music experiences in remote parts of the Carpathian Mountains, different forms of Ukrainian and Soviet counterculture, Ukrainian Kobzar music, Ukrainian lyrical epics, Sean-nós, other music from different eras and places, Senegal music… as well as by doom-metal, EDM, drone, blues, punk, art-rock, Ukrainian goth and more.

MIMR: Very excited to see you on the bill with our good friends Deco Records this saturday, do you have some good experiences of playing Manchester you can share?

tAngerinecAt: We have a lot of good experience of playing in Manchester! The audience in Manchester is always amazing. We also organized our first Cute Owl festival at Gullivers a few years ago. It was very successful and inspired us to continue organizing it in different towns. It goes without saying that Manchester is one of our favourite places to perform.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band, any new releases on the horizon?

tAngerinecAt: At the moment we are making a music video for “Roses From Blood” of our latest album “Many Kettles” with a brilliant filmmaker Kang Zhai to a script by Eugene.

MIMR: If you could play in any country in the world, where would it be and why?

tAngerinecAt: We want to play Everywhere!

MIMR: It’s been a pleasure to have you on the blog, how can people follow you on social media?

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