MIMR Review: Crapsons ‘Who’ll Babysit The Goths?’

With a much anticipated return to MIMR, our favourite pair of daft punkers Crapsons are once again unleashing their fiery, chaotic but ultimately brilliant punk vibes, by asking a important question on new single ‘Who’ll Babysit The Goths’ released this week.

Drenched with their burning, electric fuzzy bass and crashing beats, the duo from the Wirral have their feet planted on the accelerator in a 3 and a half minute punk onslaught.

It’s another successful venture by the duo, who’s chaotic antics are displayed in the hilarious video released with the track, which will have you on the floor with laughter.

It does leave us with that question though…who will babysit the goths? Scary thought i know!

You can catch Crapsons over the next couple of months playing their electric set including their show at Loserpalooza II in Manchester next month

Here’s the track:

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