MIMR Band Chat: Van Houten

Here at MIMR we always strive to have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to new music and this next band have made a spine-tingling impression.

Van Houten are a shoegaze/psych-pop 5 piece from Leeds who have a lot to share at the moment as we edge closer to the release of the blissful and delightful new album and MIMR were lucky enough to get a chat with the band.

We spoke about the new album, gigs in Manchester and Take That

MIMR: Great to have you on MIMR, what’s the latest with the band?

VH: Besides planning our little UK tour and rushing around with the release of our album in September, we have been writing a lot and thinking about what might come next after the first album. We have also recently welcomed our new keys player Jake Wrigglesworth to the band.

MIMR: We know that your soon to release your debut album via Clue Records, tell us about how this came about and are you happy with the end result?

VH: So we originally met Scott from the label while he was repping a random show that we were playing. He obviously saw something in what we were doing because he invited us to play his label Christmas party a few months later. A couple of years passed and I approached him with some demos on a whim, he turned out to be a big fan and the rest is history. We recorded the album across 3 busy but incredible days with the legend that is Martin Smith and we are all thrilled with the result.

MIMR: We would love to see you in Manchester one day, what venues have you enjoyed playing in?

VH: We’re playing The Castle on September 18th so we expect to see all of Manchester there. We played there a while ago & it’s awesome!

MIMR: Festival season is in full swing, if you could choose 3 bands/artists to headline your dream festival, which ones would they be and why?

VH: Take That… no explanation needed there

Pixies (with Kim Deal) because they are the best band of all time

And our dear friends from Sheffield, Oh Papa because they’re truly a magnificent band and more people need to know this

MIMR: Do any of the band have any guilty pleasures when it comes to music that they like?

VH: Jake. R is a big fan of Take That, but I’m not sure he feels that guilty about it haha…

Louis and Megan have a soft spot for a certain John and Vangellis song, “I Hear You Now”. It’s pure unadulterated cheese…

MIMR: Thanks a lot for chatting to us, we look forward to the album release in September, how can people follow you on social media and listen to some music?

VH: Just search Van Houten Band on any of the socials and look for the smiley 5 faces in the profile pic!




Recent single taken from upcoming album is here:

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