MIMR Band Chat: Juliper Sky

A brand new band to MIMR now but with some familiar faces, newly formed Juliper Sky are ready to unleash their mesmerising shoegaze-esque, soothing pop sound and MIMR are one of the first to get the lowdown on Juliper Sky before they take to the stage for the first time.

MIMR: Fantastic to hear a brand new project being heard on the blog, welcome Juliper Sky. What were the origins to the band and what plans do you have for the rest of this year?

Dan: Hi thanks for having us. Well, we are made up of musicians that have previously been in various projects; myself (Dan – Guitar) and Liam (Guitar, Synth & Backing Vocals) were in AFFAIRS for a while – a band which I know you covered – Roger (Bass) used to front the band Holy Matrimony, and Jamie (Vocals) and Ben (Drums) have also been in other bands but I think they would admit this is their biggest project yet. We have our first gig on 7th September at the Eagle Inn in Salford then our follow up single Magnetise will be coming out early September. After that we have another single, another gig etc. but mainly I think this year is about introducing ourselves, taking small steps, saying hello and getting to know everyone as Juliper Sky.

MIMR: Great to hear your first release ‘Heaven’, certainly a good sign of what to expect from the band moving forward. What’s the track about?

Dan: The lyrics seek to explore themes of escapism, unity and forgotten dreams whilst aiming to evoke a more reflective and introspective side of the listener. Jamie wanted a song which captured his more introspective nature, he knows the difficulties that life can bring and wanted to create a song in which he and other people could listen to and escape into. Sonically it reflects the lyrics with huge walls of shimmering synths and guitars throughout the chorus and outro, whilst the verses are mellow and subdued.

MIMR: What would you say are your main influences and how does a track take shape generally within the band?

Dan: We sort of think of our style as Indie meets Shoegaze has a Dream Pop baby and dresses it like a psychedelic 60s hippy. Some of our fave bands include Slowdive, Tame Impala, DIIV, The War on Drugs but typically since we released the first track we have been getting all sorts of weird and wonderful comparisons including, The Doves, Robbie Williams, and Simon and Garfunkel (yeah me either). I think people make what they want of it, and thats cool.

In terms of the writing process, it is varied. Having four songwriters in band can prompt its fair share of arguments and opinions but generally aside from lyrics, which Jamie goes away and creates something he connects with as a person, the rest comes together collaboratively but uniquely in each case. After plenty of banged heads of course…

MIMR: Bet you can’t wait to head out for some gigs, what local venues would you like to perform at?

Dan: As mentioned the first gig is at the Eagle Inn in Salford. Its our debut headline show and we are really excited for it. The development of our live show is something which is at the very forefront of our minds, in the future we are hoping to collaborate with artists and make the gig more of an artistic unique event. It will come as a big part of our evolution, as we consistently develop our live show the stage and delivery will get more unusual/strange/exciting as we go along. However, answering your question simply, some of our favourite venues are; Islington Mill, Gorilla, Night People & Yes.

MIMR: It’s been a pleasure to have you on MIMR, how can people follow you on social media?

Dan: It has been a pleasure. We are on all the major social media platforms, please come have a chat!

https://twitter.com/JuliperSky (or @julipersky)
Instagram @julipersky

Listen to the debut single ‘Heaven’ here:

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