MIMR Band Chat: Geisterhaus

In another preview feature ahead of the next Deco Residency gig at The Railway Inn this friday, MIMR spoke to Thom about his music under the name of ‘Geisterhaus’ who will be the opening act and is not to be missed.

We spoke to Thom about the beginnings of the project, the ‘Bones On Record’ album and some exciting future plans.

MIMR: One of the most listened to acts on MIMR currently joins us on the blog, how did Geisterhaus come to be and what are the main influences when creating your music?

Thom: It was all very organic and unplanned. About a year and a half ago I recorded a couple of demos of these song ideas that had been running around my head called “Wild Swimming” and “Are You Having a Nice Time?”. At the time, I was playing in a band called Rocketship Forest (now defunct, sadly). I really liked these new tunes, but they didn’t fit the sound of the band. Rocketship Forest material was kind of chaotic and untamed whereas these tracks were more disciplined and, for want of a better word, “poppy”. I decided to work on some more songs in the same fashion with the intention of maybe putting an EP up on Soundcloud and leaving it at that.

This casual project soon developed into a full-blown obsession and for six months I spent every evening in my little home office, writing, recording and mixing until I had an albums worth of decent material. I released a music video for “Wild Swimming” and the reception was much, much better than I’d anticipated, so I decided to make a proper go of the solo thing.

I didn’t have any artists in mind during the writing and recording process, but I think you can hear the influences of mclusky, Misfits, Courtney Barnett, Ramones, PJ Harvey, Sleaford Mods, Super Furry Animals, Death Grips, Nirvana, John Grant and St. Vincent on the album.

MIMR: Your album ‘Bones On Record’ has been on repeat since it’s release, what did the making of the record involve and are you happy to have it out there for the world to hear?

Thom: Firstly, thank you! It makes me so happy to hear that people are enjoying the album.

The album involved a lot of sleepless nights, joy, anxiety, pride and self-loathing. I was sort of writing and editing the songs as I was recording them, so it was a pretty painstaking and fiddly process. The mixing in particular took a very, very long time. I’d listened to the album so much that by the time I’d finished I was kind of sick of it and couldn’t tell if it was any good or not.

For that reason, releasing Bones on Record has been an amazing, cathartic experience. To see people respond positively and connect to these songs that I laboured over for so long is incredible, and performing them live for fans and friends old and new has rejuvenated my love for the material.

MIMR: Your playing once again for Deco Records this friday, for anyone who hasn’t seen you before, what can we expect from one of your shows?

Thom: People can expect to see a man with a shiny guitar and laptop shouting, exorcising his demons and dancing in a fashion that could charitably be described as “unique”.

MIMR: Being up on the stage by yourself must have it’s pro’s and cons, would you ever consider expanding your line up with more people?

Thom: Yeah, it’s going to happen eventually. I’ve got a few half-finished ideas for future songs, EPs and albums on my computer and some of the material is too ambitious for me to do it justice as a solo performer. I’m confident that Geisterhaus will evolve into something larger than a one-man-band someday, but not anytime soon. For the time being I’m enjoying the freedom and challenges of performing solo.

MIMR: Great to speak to you and see you at The Railway, how can people follow you on social media and check out the record?

Thom: I’m on Facebook, Twitter (geisterhausss) and Instagram (again, geisterhausss). People can feel free to drop me a message if they want to chat about anything, I’m always up for that. And of course, please give me a like/follow if you feel so inclined.

Bones on Record is available to stream on all major platforms. You can also buy a digital copy from my bandcamp page (https://geisterhausss.bandcamp.com) or, if you’d prefer a physical copy, you can buy a CD for £5 from me at one on my gigs. Or drop me a message with your address and I’ll post one out to you.

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