MIMR Band Chat: Saults

As we swiftly return to The Railway Inn this friday for another great line up of new music courtesy of Deco Records, we welcome post-punk newcomers Saults to the blog.

We were lucky to grab Nathan from the band for a chat about what to expect at the Deco gig as well as their future plans

MIMR: Welcome Saults to MIMR, fantastic to have you, how did the band come about and how best would you describe your sound?

Nathan: The band come about quite naturally. We were just some lads who were passionate about music and wanted to make something out of it creatively then now it’s sort of grown into a band in which we’re all happy with the sound. Post- Punk music with some fire to it and a bunch of other genres like grunge and alt-rock mixed in.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band and what can we expect to see from the band for the rest of the year?

Nathan: Right now we’re just looking to constantly be gigging. Maybe we could get a single released by the end of the year, we’ve got something which we think would resonate with the political climate right now and get people talking but it’s also nice to have a bit of mystery about you, you have to come to a show to see what we’re about, that kind of thing.

MIMR: Looking forward to seeing you play at Deco Records gig this friday, what kind of vibe can we expect from your show?

Nathan: Our vibe’s just energy. We want to engage the crowd and get people moving, get people actually listening to the music rather than stood on their phones or chatting to their mate. Bands that just stay in the background and strum away arent as exciting or engaging and we want people to actually open their ears when we play.

MIMR: Your a relatively new band on the scene and it’s refreshing to see so many quality bands making their mark, which other bands do you follow and do have aspirations to make your own mark on the local scene?

Nathan: Yeah we’re pretty fresh. Theres a lot of bands around Manchester that inspire us to play the music we play such as The Blinders who are doing really well for themselves right now. We also take a lot of inspiration from the Post-Punk bands of the late 70s/ early 80s like Joy Division.

We’re really just looking to create relevant and important music like IDLES with the universal appeal of someone like Nirvana who are both big influences for us too.

Hopefully, we’ll make a name for ourselves in the local scene and the only way to do that is to keep as active as possible.

MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR, how can people follow you on social media?

Nathan: Thanks for having us!

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