MIMR Band Chat: Ben Gorb

Singer-songwriter Ben Gorb has captured our imagination with his blissful and enchanting sound.

The Macclesfield artist explains all to MIMR about his musical beginnings, playing live and his recent single.

MIMR: Very pleased to have you on the blog, tell us about how you became passionate about music and what musicians inspire you?

Ben: It was all through my love of classic rock as a teenager. Once I discovered bands like The Who, AC/DC and Queen I knew there was no going back! I remember to this day picking up the old guitar in my room at around 14. And I’ve hardly put it down since.

MIMR: Pretty hooked on the latest single and the stlish video too. What’s the track about and what was the idea behind the video?

Ben: Thank you! Well I remember writing ‘Sometimes’ very well. It came together in an evening. Once I had the chords in place I remember singing most of the lyrics out loud without having to write a lot of them down. It all happened very naturally and quickly. I basically sang out loud exactly what I was feeling at the moment at the time. The main theme being the struggle of moving on.

The video was really all Joel’s doing (videographer) I knew I wanted to video to be outside with the string quartet. But it was his idea to have the white backdrop. Which I think worked really well with the shot of the string players. I’m very happy with how it turned out!

MIMR: What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Ben: Connection with the audience. When I see people smiling, tapping their foots, singing along… it all makes me feel so good. Especially when I see them smile. I want people to come away from a Ben Gorb gig knowing they’ve had a really good time! And that’s what I always strive for.

MIMR: If there was one instrument you could learn to play, which one would it be and why?

Ben: Probably the viola. It has such a rich, mellow sound. I used to play violin as a child. I have hardly picked it up since I must confess! But I’d choose the viola over the violin personally. I also love how it’s the underdog in the string world.

MIMR: What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

Ben: More gigging. Got plenty of gigs around Macclesfield and Manchester coming up. I’d like to venture further around the country pretty soon! I’d love to get back in the studio too. I’ve got some new songs I’m dying to record!

MIMR: Thanks Ben for chatting to MIMR, how can people follow on social media and check out some of your music?

Ben: Thank you. I’m on all of them pretty much! YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud. I also keep all my gigs, music and updates on Facebook and Twitter so please follow me there! I’m also very active with videos on Instagram.



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