MIMR Favourite Records: Swine

MIMR wrap up their preview features ahead of the upcoming Deco Records double dayer with the punk rock quartet Swine ready to tear things up at Thr Eagle Inn this saturday.

I spoke to the band ahead of the show about their favourite records and the latest goings on with the band.

Swine: First one would have to be London Calling by The Clash, there isnt a bad song on it. I love the way each song has a different style and genre but still has that Clash sound.

Second would be Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles. Its really unique with every track being experimental.

Third would be Led Zeppelin 4. The bass and drum rhythm section is just unmatched. John Paul Jones is a massive inspiration.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band?

Swine: We’ve got a few new tracks recorded, were looking at releasing them as singles spread out over the coming months, while also getting a music video done. After that, were gonna try and smash out a ton of gigs to promote them all. Were constantly making new music and working on them. Yeah, should be a good end of the year for us.

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