MIMR Band Chat: Sam Leoh

We welcome back Sam Leoh to MIMR, after just releasing a new video to her brilliant track ‘Outside In’ which ended up being MIMR track of 2018, she spoke to the blog about her future plans, summertime and the makings of the new video

MIMR: Great to have you back on the blog. What’s the latest with you and the band?

Sam: Thank you for having me back and for your continued support – I greatly respect the opportunity to be featured on Music Is My Radar again. I am currently working on a new project – I’ve been writing and recording with a couple of the band members from the live band I got together for Sam Leoh, and we’ll be releasing songs together soon (band name to be announced). It’s exciting to be collaborating with other writers and instrumentalists – we’re currently finding our own sound and it’s a much more DIY approach than the the previous music I’ve worked on. I’ve not said goodbye to Sam Leoh though, and I am still promoting the song ‘Outside In’ for that project (I’m working on an acoustic version for this track and will be working on a remix with the new outfit I’m in too).

MIMR: You’ve got a new video out for of our fave tracks ‘Outside In’. How did this come about and what was your favourite thing about making it?

Sam: I am pleased to hear that Outside In is one of your favourite tracks. In terms of how the video came about – I honestly felt that there was still some life left in the track, and I wanted to promote it on another platform (Vevo/YouTube). I have had such a good response from the track, that I wanted to give it another chance at getting heard basically. Storyboarding was pretty easy, as we just followed the narrative, experiences, and thoughts I had whilst writing the song. It took about a year to film and edit the video (as you can probably tell by the change in length of my hair!), so it was a challenge, but one that I learned lots from. I am lucky to have had the help and expertise from one of my bandmates – I couldn’t have done it alone … It’s hard to pinpoint a favourite moment, but the glass of Chardonnay went down a treat! I also loved the amount of exploring I got to do – the scenes range from the Scottish to Welsh to English coast, as well as fields in Derbyshire, the promenades at Salford Quays, and so many beautiful sunsets too.

MIMR: It’s well into the summer now and we’ve actually had some sun in Manchester for once. What’s your perfect way to spend a summer’s day?

Sam: Yay to the sunshine! I am a lot better at getting out and about now – I spent most of my College/University years being a recluse. I think I’ll forever be pale because of it… I guess it changes with time and weather though… Last year, I went to France with my family for a holiday – the gite where we stayed had its own private pool… So, now I’d say the perfect way to spend a summer’s day is chilling with loved ones, splashing about in a private pool, and enjoying a nice refreshing cocktail. Next year, I’ll probably say lying on a private beach or rolling about a rural field somewhere… Still a recluse, but getting out and about a bit now! Haha. I think it’s important to give your headspace chance to catch up on your experiences, and as a writer, these more reflective times give me a chance to fully digest how I feel, what I think, and give me a more informed understanding about what really matters in life.

MIMR: If you could take writing credit for any song, which one would it be and why?

Sam: Interesting question – I like so many songs and artists, it’s just so tricky to answer this! The first song that came to mind though, was Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac, so I’m going to go with that. It’s a really nice blend of soft rock, dream pop, relatable lyric, and tuneful melodies… It’s one of the ones that I love to belt out as soon as I hear it. I would be happy to be able to write songs of Fleetwood Mac’s calibre one day.

MIMR: As always been a pleasure talking to you, wish you all the best, just give people reminder of how they can follow you on social media?

Sam: Cheers Music Is My Radar! My Twitter handle is @SamLeoh and my Facebook handle is @SamLeohMusic. Google results for “Sam Leoh” bring up additional links, including links to streaming/purchasing my music. Thanks again for your time and support!

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