MIMR Band Chat: Crapsons

In another preview feature ahead of the upcoming Deco Records Double Dayer gigs, MIMR were thrilled to catch up with Mike, one half of one of our favourite punk duo’s, the chaotically, brilliant Crapsons

We chatted about trips to Ireland, upcoming gigs and potted plants

MIMR: It’s great and a pleasure to have Crapsons back on the blog, what’s the latest with the band?

Mike: It’s great to be back, thanks for having us. We’ve literally just got back from Ireland (you can probably still smell the Guinness and Harp Lager on our breath), we played 3 dates over there with our friends Salt The Snail, Spam Javelin and Gas Hands. We are currently wrapping up the release of our EP “Deaths & Spelling Mistakes” which came out in November last year and are imminently due to release our next single “Who’ll Babysit The Goths” on Monday 19th August which is followed by an all-dayer event curated by ourselves in Liverpool Jacaranda Records Phase One on Sunday 25th August entitled “CrapFest” where we have a stacked line-up from Liverpool and surrounding areas who will blow your minds. On October 11th we are supporting Half Man Half Biscuit in The Leadmill in Sheffield too which we still can’t believe will be happening. We’ve got a plethora of shows booked all year across the country so plenty of occasions and no excuses to come and watch us live.

MIMR: Great to see you back on the bill with Deco Records this Friday, love seeing you back in Manchester, what are your favourite venues that you’ve played?

Mike: We’ve been lucky enough to have played Manchester a few times now. The Peer Hat in the Northern Quarter stands out, I love the intimacy in there, the sound was phenomenal and they sell great beer too. Other than that I’d say The Eagle Inn, Salford. We both try to come to Manchester as much as we can to watch gigs also (you tend to find most big bands by-pass Liverpool) so to play at Venues you’ve watched bands at in the past is a great feeling.

MIMR: It always looks like you have fun on stage and don’t take yourself too seriously, what’s been the funniest thing that has happened at one of your shows?

Mike: We always encourage audience participation whether it be mosh-pits, singalongs to our random and nonsense lyrics or even sometimes getting up on stage with us and helping us out with the songs. We were given a potted plant by an audience member once midway through a set, in the same way that somebody else would pass you a pint onto the stage, he just plonked this fully grown plant in front of us. Other than that though, last week I (Markey, Vocals and Bass) thanked a Belfast audience by calling them “Dublin”. I was lucky to get out alive.

MIMR: One of MIMR fave tracks is ‘Jee Wizz’ something that I personally say a lot i won’t lie. Are there any other sayings or phrases that you think could be worked into another one of your songs?

Mike: When it comes to Crapsons songs, the world is your oyster. Jee Wizz was written because Andy (Drummer) kept saying it to me whenever I’d annoy him. We use a lot of day to day bothers and groans in our song lyrics so you never know what will appear next.

MIMR: Brilliant having you on the blog and look forward to seeing you at Deco gig, just remind everyone where you can follow you on social media and listen to some music?

Mike: Listen:

Apple Music



Social Media:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/crapsons
Twitter: @wearecrapsons
Instagram: @crapsons
Bandcamp: http://www.crapsons.bandcamp.com

Tickets for this gig can be found here:

The Deco Double Dayer – Part 1

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