MIMR Band Chat: The Navettes

One of the best young bands in Manchester currently are, dreamy, synth-pop 5 piece The Navettes

MIMR caught up with them ahead of their upcoming EP release as well as their year so far and summertime plans.

MIMR: Delighted to have one of MIMR fave bands at the moment, hey guys, how has 2019 been for the band so far?

TN: So far 2019 has been pretty great! We stared off the year with our track “Gorgeous” being played on This morning, which was a pretty surreal moment.We have also played some great gigs including two at Deaf institute, which is a venue we’ve always wanted to play at. Other than that we are so excited to be releasing a lot more music this year, some of these song we have been sitting on for a while so we can’t wait for them to be out!

MIMR: Tell us about your new EP, how did it come about and what can people expect on the record?

TN: Beautiful, Bittersweet is a collection of 3 songs we’ve had under our belt for a while. We felt like they worked really well together so decided to release them as our debut Ep. I think people can expect a lot of juxtaposing emotions form theses three song many I guess everyone has experienced in their life. “Forever/Always” is a song about an instant infatuation with someone then “What About Paris” is kind of the bitter end but ironically set in a city associated with romance. Then there’s “Asleep” we would describe this as the feel good song of the three.

MIMR: Have you got any gigs lined up to coincide with the new EP and what’s the best thing about playing live?

TN: We don’t for a change actually! The past releases we have always had gigs coincide but this time we felt we wanted to give the music all the listening and not take the attention away! However we have got a handful of cities we will be playing this Autumn, including our only headline show of this year so keep an eye out!

We think the best way for our songs to be translated is through the energy you get from playing in front of crowd, who are all there to let go and enjoy it. It’s even better when you see and hear people dancing and singing songs of yours they know. You have that feeling that know you’re doing the right thing.

MIMR: Summertime is also a time for relaxing and sunning it up, which destination in the world would be your perfect place to do that?

TN: We all have different places we’d want to go and explore, but is we had to choose anywhere away from the rainy city of Manchester it would be somewhere hot, by a pool, cocktails in hand (or a fancy whiskey our bass player can’t quite pronounce). Or even a cheeky city break in somewhere like New York, Rome or even Paris.

MIMR: Thanks a lot for talking to the blog, good luck with the EP and have a great summer. How can people follow you on social media and listen to your music?

TN: Thanks for having us!

Our main places are:

Instagram @the_navettes

Facebook @TheNavettes


Spotify @The Navettes

YouTube too : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGDDxXVOjq9CQNu9PLShwPA

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