MIMR Review: The Empty Page ‘He’s Very Good At Swimming

Building on the considerable momentum gained from the previous single released back in february, the turbo-charged bolt out of the blue ‘When The Cloud Explodes’ Manchester punk rock trio The Empty Page return with their latest single out today ‘ He’s Very Good At Swimming’ which is another example of a band that emotionally lure you in with their gripping sound.

Produced in Manchester with Simon Archer (The Pixies, The Fall, PJ Harvey) the 3 piece address the very serious subject of rape and the wrongful media depictment of such cases with a degree of brewing tones with the needle shifting from softer, gentle moments to powerful, furious rage which, when let loose, engulfs the mood of the track with a crusendo of high octane riffs, bursting beats and burning vocals that really give you goosebumps.

The Empty Page rely on the DIY method of being a band and do their very best to get their voice heard, it’s tracks like this one that deserve it’s rightful place in anyone’s collection, the trio are making their presecence known and they’re here to stay.

Here’s the track:

Check out all the latest news and upcoming gigs here:


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