MIMR Presents….My Favourite Records with Plato

In the first of a brand new series on MIMR, we spoke to Plato about the three records that mean the most to them and their music, as well as catching up with them about their future plans.

The Alt-Rock quartet are gearing up for their set with Deco Records tomorrow night at The Railway Inn, defintely not to be missed.

Plato: Our first pick is Radiohead’s OK Computer. Words cannot describe the effect this album has had on us. Every song has its own unique character that is evoked with such profound artistic finesse, yet this diverse range of tracks is somehow made to work perfectly alongside each other. Best album ever.

Foals’ second most recent album What Went Down is another we all adore, particularly some of the lesser known songs on it like Night Swimmers and London Thunder. The instrumentation and general sound of the album are both things we have a strong desire to emulate in our own music.

Our last pick is The Killers’ debut album Hot Fuss. Far too few people only know Mr Brightside and a handful of other Killers’ songs. It’s an iconic, amazing album. They just sounded so cool at that time in their career, and Hot Fuss is the resulting masterpiece of alternative/indie rock.

MIMR: 3 great picks there, thanks! So what’s the latest with the band?

Plato: Currently, we’re really trying to get our act together as a band. We’re deadly serious about being successful musicians, and we are equally serious in our belief that we have what it takes, but we’re also relatively young, and inexperienced. At the moment, we’re really trying to figure out how we can take things to the next level, in everything from our live shows, to our recorded music, to just showing up on time. Hopefully in 6 months time you’ll see a different band – one capable of much greater things than might be expected right now.

Listen to their recent single here:

Catch them here tomorrow night.

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