MIMR Band Chat: Old Ben

One of MIMR favourite new bands that has been discovered are the fantastic Old Ben who are ready to burst into your heads with their vibrant sound.

MIMR caught up with the quartet ahead of their upcoming set with Deco Records this friday.

MIMR: It’s super to have Old Ben on the blog, it’s been a busy 2019 so far for the band, what have you been up to and what can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

OB: We’ve been playing all across the north west from Glossop to Manchester and Macclesfield. We’ve played a couple of festivals, Americana and Blues festival in Leek, and later on in the year we plan to record our second album, and debut video this coming month! So lots going on right now!

MIMR: How best would you describe your sound?

OB: It’s hard to say how we sound. We try to be as original as possible but I guess we have a rock vibe going down with a twist of folk, acoustic singer songwriter going on.

MIMR: Been loving the ‘Broken Bones’ record by the way, it’s one of the blog’s favourite ones of this year, how did it come about and are you pleased with the end results and the reception it has received?

OB: Thanks a lot man! The album came about through a collection of material that Birdy had down but we came together to collaborate and produce something that we are really proud of. It was a real group effort and we gotta say that Mark at Aliensound recordings was immense! Yeah we’re so pleased that our fans have loved it. It means so much that they’re with us. We want to take them on our journey!

MIMR: We’re looking forward to you taking to the stage this friday for our good friends Deco Records, what can we expect from one of your live shows and what’s your favourite thing about playing live?

OB: Good question! We’re very interactive with our audience and we love the chemistry and connection we have with our fans. So we’ll be playing for them and we love doing that.

MIMR: It’s been a pleasure talking to you on MIMR, how can people follow you on social media and have a listen to your music?

OB: You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and on our website http://www.oldben.co.uk which has all our social links on there. You can email us from there – we do get some great messages from fans so if anyone wants to get in touch please do! We’re also on Spotify and iTunes – links below!



Catch them here this friday:

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