MIMR Band Chat: ALAN

As we edge closer to the next Deco Records Residency gig at The Railway this friday, headline act ALAN took the time out to speak to us about their music and they’re love for kitchens.

MIMR: Great to have Alan on the blog, introduce us to the band and what are your main influences that style your music?

ALAN: ALAN started about 3 years ago, we started of playing mainly in our mates kitchens and living rooms at house parties, consistently releasing music onto bandcamp, now having about 14 releases, our musical influences are vast realistically we are a noise band but I think especially on our recorded material we do like to mess around with the iconography of other genres and artists.

MIMR: Excited to see you play at this week’s Deco Records gig, what can we expect from one of live shows?


MIMR: Whats the latest with the band and what are the plans for the rest of this year, more shows?

ALAN: We have two more shows coming up in the next couple of months and a split to release with a band we met recently called The Fridges.

MIMR: What’s been your favourite gig venue you’ve played as a band?

ALAN: We would like to play in kitchens again we miss that a lot! We recently played at the Old Abbey Tap House as part of the Studio Scum zine launch event, a great art collective based in Manchester, that was cool as the venue was tiny and we had a couple of extra members with us. Also a shout out to Fuel Cafe in Withington!

MIMR: Been cool chatting to you on MIMR, how can people follow you on social media and check out some tunes?



See them with us this friday:

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