MIMR Band Chat: Cobain Jones

Here at MIMR we pride ourselves on bringing you the best new music from Manchester and beyond and this next act is one of the blogs rising stars of recent times.

Manchester, multi-instrumentalist Cobain Jones packs a mighty punch with a highly, classic indie vibe which is a pure delight.

I spoke to him about his year so far, festivals and his music

MIMR: Thrilled to have you on MIMR, tell us about your year so far and what can we expect from you in the near future?

Cobain: This year has been absolutely crazy due to the fact last November I was invited by Tim Burgess out of the Charlatans to play Kendal Calling in July. I’ve played a handful of gigs, I have Band on the Wall on the 18th of June which will be class. And to answer your question songs are in the works and maybe a few more releases along the way.

MIMR: We are loving your new single on the blog, it’s a belter, what influences do you have when writing your music and what bands do you admire?

Cobain: Thank you so much it’s massively appreciated. My biggest influences writing music are the Manics, Stone Roses, Beatles and Charlatans just because they are my favourite bands.

MIMR: What was your earliest musical memory?

Cobain: My earliest musical memory was getting a keyboard for Christmas when I was little but I never really pursued music til I was around 14.

MIMR: Festival season is upon us, if you could have your dream festival line up which 3 bands would be your headline acts?

Cobain: My dream headline acts would be (hypothetically) The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Smiths.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, wish you all the best for the rest of 2019, how can people follow you on social media and check out your music?

Cobain: It’s been a pleasure! My twitter is @Cobain_Jones, my instagram is @cobainjones and my music is on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms just type in ‘Cobain Jones’.

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