MIMR Band Chat: Boxes

As we get ready to put our dancing shoes on once again for another extravaganza of music at The Railway Inn, West Didsbury this friday courtesy of our good friends Deco Records, MIMR introduces the opening act for the night, Manchester country/rock maestros Boxes.

It all looks set to be a big year for the quartet and we were very lucky to get a word or two with lead man David ahead of friday’s Deco gig. We discussed band influences, festival line ups and what 2019 will bring for Boxes.

MIMR: Who are boxes and what are the band main influences?

David: The first promoter who put us all on together described us as ‘Nashville-Upon-Irwell’. We have an Americana/Country/ Rock kinda vibe but try to stay true to our northern roots.

We’re now very much a Manchester city centre based band, with Josh and I sharing a flat (with No2 fan Andre – he’ll love the mention) in the Northern Quarter and Tom and James being based over in Castlefield.

I met Josh on the local music scene in Manchester (which is incredible), James went to the same university as me although we missed each other by a year – unless he was just avoiding me for the 3 years I was there – and Tom and I have known each other from the age of 11, after growing up together in Ulverston, in the Lake District.

Influence wise; we all come from different musical backgrounds. For example, there isn’t a prog rock gig in Manchester where Tom isn’t present at. I was personally raised on old school country music from the likes of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline, my Mam was a country singer who would sing at family events so it was quite hard for it not to have an influence on me. Nowadays I listen to a lot of Bears Den, Mighty Oaks, Dermot Kennedy – anything raw really.

MIMR: What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

David: The rawness and unpredictability of it all. People mess up and I love nothing more than a missed chord during a live performance, it’s the kind of stuff you don’t get on a single, a laugh that you won’t see on a record.

You’re with your mates on a stage, playing instruments which somehow after some practices come together and sound synced, in front of an audience who are all there sharing the moment with you, if we can help people escape a little from their realities and they can do the same to help us then there’s nothing better.

Playing live can be quite fun in Manchester. We’re a little different from most bands in the area so ears spring up when we play, it’s normally a good reaction. With the music we play we won’t be to everyone’s taste, but as long as people can go away from our gigs and admire maybe one of the rifts, energy, harmonies or lyrics (even my lead singing too?) then that would be ok with us.

Oh yeah, and the pints. – dark fruits for me, if you’re asking.

MIMR: If you could have your dream festival line up, who would be your 3 headline acts and why?

David: Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Boxes. We’d settle for the Sunday night.

MIMR: What does 2019 hold for the band?

David: We’re halfway through recording an EP, it’s taking a little longer than anticipated as we only really have our weekends free as we’re all currently in full time employment. But, when it comes out we wanna send it out to as many people as possible. We’ll send one to you when its done!

We’re taking our time with this one though, the last recordings have been a great experience but took no longer than a day or so to record on a cheap (next to nothing) budget. This time we want to produce something we can be proud of. The band do a great job of keeping me restrained, as I’m the most impatience man this side of the river Irwell.

We’ve played some great gigs already this year for some of Manchester’s best promoters, but we’d like to stretch our wings a little and get on some good festival line-ups next year. Fingers crossed! – but first, lets get this EP done.

MIMR: Thanks for talking to us, where can people check you out on social media?

David: Sure thing, we’ve recently had a band photo shoot and will be updating imagery and logos when our leadup single to the EP is dropped later this year.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoxesUK/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoxesUK

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boxesband/

Website: coming soon!

Here’s all the details for friday, check @DecoRecords on twitter and their instagram page for more updates and previews!


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