MIMR Band Chat: Josh Phillips

We welcome to the blog, Manchester based singer-songwriter Josh Phillips and he’s gone on a very interesting journey as he prepares for his upcoming EP release. I caught up with Josh to talk about influences, songwriting and festivals MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, tell us about your journey as a artist soContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: Josh Phillips”

MIMR Review: Velvet Tides ‘Lost In Motion’

We head to Birmingham where we have discovered a band to get very excited about indeed and their latest single will intensely reverburate your brain for sure. ‘Lost In Motion’ is the stirring and bruising latest track by Altenative quartet Velvet Tides and it’s a epic journey from start to finish, echoing all the trademarksContinue reading “MIMR Review: Velvet Tides ‘Lost In Motion’”

MIMR Band Chat: Cobain Jones

Here at MIMR we pride ourselves on bringing you the best new music from Manchester and beyond and this next act is one of the blogs rising stars of recent times. Manchester, multi-instrumentalist Cobain Jones packs a mighty punch with a highly, classic indie vibe which is a pure delight. I spoke to him aboutContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: Cobain Jones”

MIMR Gig Gallery: Deco Records @ The Railway w/ Boxes, Sunglo, Farfisa and Woman You stole

It’s safe to say that we have finally recovered from a fantastic night of live music at another Deco showcase at The Railway on friday (07.06.19).All 4 bands thrilled the crowd, Boxes had their charming, melodic country rock to show off, while Sunglo brought their brilliant and exhillirating Grunge-pop to the party, that nirvana coverContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery: Deco Records @ The Railway w/ Boxes, Sunglo, Farfisa and Woman You stole”

MIMR Review: Manalishi ‘Zipper Mouth’

Rip-rawing their way on to the blog and taking no prisoners are Manchester grunge/punk trio Manalishi with their enthralling and gripping new single ‘Zipper Mouth’ released yesterday (31.05.19). The track is a medley of ferocious killer riffs and devasting, crashing beats blowing you away from the get go and keeping its foot firmly on theContinue reading “MIMR Review: Manalishi ‘Zipper Mouth’”