MIMR Review: Eitha Da ‘Dungeon Crawler’ EP

Following up from the excellent ‘Voma’ record released early last year, MIMR brings you a special Track by Track review of Eitha Da‘s brand new EP ‘Dungeon Crawler which was released last friday (24.05.19).

With a full live band now behind him, Ben has perfectly crafted the sub 2 minute Fuzzy, garage sound and is definitely worth checking it out for yourself.

I spoke to Ben about the EP and he gives us a special insight to each track too.

MIMR: So tell us about how ‘Dungeon Crawler’ came about and how it was produced?

Ben: I wrote the majority of Dungeon Crawler after Voma came out in March 2018 and recorded it all between August 2018 and March 2019. I had a super portable set-up so I could record parts as I was writing them. Some of it was recorded in our practise room in Wrexham, a spare bedroom in Caergwrle, a lounge in Liverpool, at a dining table in Cloughton. It’s inspired by things like tokusatsu shows (Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Ultraman etc), video games, high strangeness.

Dungeon Crawler track by track

Rattlewave: I imagine Rattlewave to be a kind of ‘overworld theme’ for the village in the cover art – a bit dreamy, a bit malevolent. A kind of ‘as above, so below’ feel. That organ sound is an old EHX Small Stone phaser, set as slow as it can go and then super saturated.

Strange Harvest: Named after Linda Moulton Howe’s excellent 1980 documentary, Strange Harvest is kind of about a contactee negotiating parts of themselves to get home. The vocals were recorded with a harmonica microphone and it was the first song I wrote on an amazing £90 Squier Mustang.

Gorpgoyle: It’s battle music. Written and recorded on an old Hagstrom Kent – my go to guitar for when I’m lost.

Elaine: It’s all about corporeality, dressed up in a lo-fi sci-fi body. The opening guitar part is the same rhythm as Snowspeeder Rescue from Empire Strikes Back. Tommy Husband (tommyhusband.com, superstar filmmaker and creator of the Laserbrain and Southern Fried Ruthin videos) plays guitar on the chorus.

MIMR: To finish up, tell us about what plans you have for the rest of the year?

Ben: We’ve got some very exciting shows lined up for 2019 and want to hit as many fun villages/towns/cities/municipalities as we can. There’s (hopefully) going to be a couple more new releases this year too.

Here’s the EP:

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