MIMR Band Chat: Luxury Apartments

As a preview to this weekends all dayer gig at The Peer Hat hosted by our good friends Deco Records, i spoke to a band that will certainly shake things up on saturday with their destructive punk noise, Luxury Apartments

MIMR: MIMR are pleased to have Luxury Appartments on the blog, hey there, who are Luxury Apartments and when you formed was it clear from the start what direction your music was going to take?

LA: Howdy,
Suppose Luxury Apartments are just a response to the terrible backwards world we live in. We feel playing is definitely healthy outlet for us. So it could be perceived as pretty selfish. We obviously really dig it when people enjoy our sound. At most of our shows we’ve sold lots of merch so that’s super lovely for people to put their money where their mouth is. Luxury Apartments are Matt Turner (Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter), Rhys Jordan Taylor (Bass) and David Roberts (drums).

MIMR: Really enjoyed your last release ‘Energy’ but can we expect any more releases this year and what else do you have planned as a band?

LA: Yes we’re planning to release more singles but unsure which exact tracks yet, a song called Taliban is a front runner at the minute.

MIMR: This weekend you take to the stage for our good friends Deco Records at The Peer Hat, a much anticipated gig here at MIMR, what would be your pre-gig routine and are there any other bands playing you want to catch?

LA: Pre-gig routine would be to be well fed and well rehearsed and to just try to enjoy the whole night and slowly ease our way into the night. Yeah our bassist caught Fruit Tones in the USA and we’re looking forward to playing with them guys!

MIMR: If you could tour any country in the world with the band which one would it be and why?

LA: Definitely U.S, we’ve had some Americans watch us play and give us really positive feedback saying we do punk better than they do in NY at the minute so that’s always good and positive to hear.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping by and look forward to seeing you this weekend. How can people follow you on social media?

LA: Thanks very much! See you at the weekend


Our Social Modern Medicine

You can still grab yourself a ticket for saturday, so many bands all for £10, quality!

Here are all the deets:


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