MIMR Review: Deco All-Dayer 11.05.19 best of

Our good friends at Deco Records latest music extravaganza commences this coming saturday at The Peer Hat and ahead of the marathon of live music MIMR has selected 3 acts playing who’s music have grabbed the blog attention this year.

Springfield Elementary ‘Jacked Up On Jesus’

Mancunian psych-punk 5 piece Springfield Elementary have become one of MIMR favourite newly discovered bands this year and their set on saturday will have plenty of thrills and spills.

Their latest track, the aptly named ‘Jacked Up On Jesus’ is a anarchic, non-stop crusade which buzzes around your brain at breakneck speed and mix mesemerising psychedelic moments with a fiery punk onslaught that will be a joy to behold at The Peer Hat this weekend.

Thee Windom Earles ‘Sex Pizzeria’

Taken from their recently released record ‘Mai Tai Pink Eye’ this track is one of the many excellent cuts that tell you all need to know about Thee Windom Earles…crazy, blistering fuzziness to the maximum.

Ready to tear up The Peer Hat this Weekend, garage rock never sounded more alive with the manchester act that will bring you a high octane, blistering show, their album is a essential listen to get you in the perfect mood for the all dayer extravaganza.

Luxury Appartments ‘Energy’

Hailing from Manchester/London this next band will be ones to watch at The Peer Hat this weekend and this furious track ‘Energy’ has become one of MIMR favourite tracks of the year so far.

Non-stop punk fury is clear for all to see from a band that mean serious business and this track travels through your body like a electric serge of power which flows your veins. Their live show is powerful and destructive in equal measure, make sure you’ve still got some energy left prior to them hitting the stage, see you down the front!

These 3 acts are just one of many brilliant bands playing the Peer Hat this saturday, tickets still available so don’t delay people, all the details are here.


All 3 tracks can be found in our Deco gigs playlist here:

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