MIMR Gig Gallery: Deco Records @Eagle Inn, Salford. Feat. Bethlehem Casuals, Giant Boys, Careering + more…

MIMR returned to the live scene on friday 3th May at Eagle Inn, Salford to witness a spectacular array of music from some of our favourite acts courtesy of our good friends at Deco Records.

The night started with the fierce and furious Careering who’s non-stop flamimg punk antics started the night in the perfect way. Here are some highlights from their engrossing set.

Next up were the garage rock duo Giant Boys one of MIMR favourite acts of this year so far and they whipped up a storm of blistering vocals and burning riffs leaving the audience gripped from start to finish. Here are some of the best bits from their blistering set.

Returning to the Deco Stage were the next act, experimental rock 6 piece Slow Knife who jazzed things up in more ways than one with a set full of tricks and mesemerising tones and sounds, a band that don’t play by the rules for sure and their haunting monologues and groovy vibes were a welcome addition to the night. Here are some highlights from their set.

Hitting the stage next were the brilliant BILK who breezed their way through a set full of attitude, youthful exuberance and some killer tunes. Here are some highlights from their set.

To end the evening in the perfect way Bethlehem Casuals, a folk-rock 7 piece who amazed us all by all fitting on the small stage at Eagle Inn but then also amazed us with a energetic and delightful set. Their joyous vibes glowed onto the audience who in return danced and boogied away their enthralling set. Here are some highlights from their performance.

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