MIMR Review: Aria ‘Lost At 5’ EP

New kids on the block Aria have hit the manchester music scene full belt with some high energy sets and a youthful exuberance which is hard not to be excited about.

The Manchester 5 piece showpiece their raw potential on 2 track EP ‘Lost At 5’ released 28th April and it’s a delightful rummage through their endearing sound.

The opening and title track is a non-stop tirade of punishing indie-rock and punky bursts, which are often tinged with psychdelic moments, showing that Aria are not a band that nail themselves down to one type of music and this blend of sounds is why Aria can stand out from the rest.

Calavera appears at first to be a much more stripped back 80s indie vibe, glowing vocals and sweet hooks but it ain’t long before a lightning bolt, rockier boom enters the fold and transforms the mood, powerful vocals and destructive riffs echo in your ears.

‘Lost At 5’ is short and sweet and certainly makes you want so much more but Aria have created a sound that you certainly can’t get enough of, MIMR is on tenderhooks to what will be coming next, the new band in town making all the right noise.

Listen to the EP here:


Catch them here with our good friends Scruff Of The Neck:


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