MIMR Band Chat: grasshopper

The next act in the Band Chat series to sweep us off our feet are the brilliant Grasshopper and their heavy doze of powerful post-punk will leave your head in the spin.

I spoke lead man Javi about the band and the super ‘Stricken’ EP

MIMR: It’s a pleasure to have a new band on MIMR, who are grasshopper and how was it decided what musical direction your sound would take?

Javi: Cheers for having us! grasshopper are Javi Fedrick (vocals & guitar), Luis Fedrick (bass), Rachel Garrett (drums) and Morgan Jones (guitar). We’re all into quite a lot of different music – Rachel listens to a lot of dance, Morgan’s more post-rock, me and Luis go for a lot of new post-punk and indie artists like Protomartyr and La Luz. There’s never been a point where we’ve sat down and said “we want to be a goth or post-punk band”, it just seems to be what’s come out of all our influences.

MIMR: We can’t get enough of the ‘Stricken’ EP here at MIMR, are you happy with how it turned out and can we expect any more releases in 2019?

Javi: Really happy! They’re three of our newest songs so it’s great having them recorded and out, the response has been great too. They were recorded by maverick producer David M Allen who really helped make them more haunting.

MIMR: As a band what’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played?

Javi: There’ve been loads of great ones – our first gig at The Windmill in London back in December was bonkers, supporting Brix & the Extricated last year was MASSIVELY exciting too. I think for me, the three gigs we played with Fujiya & Miyagi on their mini UK tour just over a year ago stand out as especially special. They’re the soundest guys, brilliant live, and they really helped make our first time on the road really fun.

MIMR: If you were about to go on a big tour as a band what food/drink and other essential items would you have in your dressing room?

Javi: Apart from matching silver jumpsuits… I suppose beer’s the obvious one! Nothing too weird, really – water, snacks, tea & booze should do it.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, good luck for the rest of the year, how can people follow you on the socials?

Javi: We’re on facebook, twitter, instagram and bandcamp as @bandgrasshopper. Got some exciting things planned so watch this space.

You can listen to the EP here:

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