MIMR Review: Aria ‘Lost At 5’ EP

New kids on the block Aria have hit the manchester music scene full belt with some high energy sets and a youthful exuberance which is hard not to be excited about. The Manchester 5 piece showpiece their raw potential on 2 track EP ‘Lost At 5’ released 28th April and it’s a delightful rummage throughContinue reading “MIMR Review: Aria ‘Lost At 5’ EP”

MIMR Review: Horla ‘Into The Void’

Another Manchester band that are ready to step out into the wide world are Alt-rock 4 piece Horla with their chilling, yet glorious debut single ‘Into The Void’ which exploded into existence on 13th April. Having only recently played their 1st show, Horla have taken some considerable time to hone their magnetic sound and theirContinue reading “MIMR Review: Horla ‘Into The Void’”

MIMR Review: Sunglo ‘Elevator Belle’

One of the brightest sparks floating around the Manchester music scene currently are Alt-pop quartet Sunglo who to many people’s joy have released their much anticipated new single ‘Elevator Belle’ (April 19th) The track begins with delicate hooks and soft vocals before racing into grungey, bruising riffs, vibrant vocals and ear-deafening beats that engrosses youContinue reading “MIMR Review: Sunglo ‘Elevator Belle’”

MIMR Review: Shredd ‘Rot’

Shredd are a garage rock trio from Glasgow who’s effortless abilities to create a mesmerising and thrilling sound is proven in their new single ‘Rot’. With more electrfying fuzziness that you can shake a stick with, Shredd tear it up with minimal ease with crushing riffs, hefty vocals and wild beats all to a satisfyinglyContinue reading “MIMR Review: Shredd ‘Rot’”

MIMR Review: Ringo and The Wolf ‘What Is Taking Over’

Sweet and fresh sounds of indie quartet Ringo and The Wolf is the perfect way to start Good Friday. The Leeds band release their debut single today and it’s a impressive start to proceedings. Produced at Manchester’s Sugar house where MIMR faves Glass Caves and Larkins have honed their admired sounds, Ringo and The WolfContinue reading “MIMR Review: Ringo and The Wolf ‘What Is Taking Over’”

MIMR Review: Springfield ‘Footstep’

Joining the many new bands from up north making waves at the moment and has certainly grabbed the attention of MIMR, are Indie/Rock 4 piece Springfield with their thrill a second new single ‘Footstep’ which was released last month. The track ebbs and flows smoothly with guitars that burst through with great gusto, catchy hooksContinue reading “MIMR Review: Springfield ‘Footstep’”