MIMR Band Chat: Diving Station

MIMR are glad to feature this next band, one that its admired for a while now and it’s safe to say that Manchester’s Diving Station have a struck a chord in the hearts of many more with their touching and wonderful power-pop sound.

We spoke to Barny from the band to chat about the brilliant ‘Feather Mouth’ EP and their exciting plans for the rest of this year.

MIMR: It’s great to have you on MIMR, how would you best describe the band and what process is undertaken when a song is being written?

Barny: Since our most recent release ‘Feather Mouth’, we’ve gone with harp- driven dream pop. We think this nicely sums up the sound of the EP- you get that sort of undertone of Beach House in there with interwoven arrangements and the harp adds its own distinct sound that’s a little less conventional than your run of the mill pop band.

The writing process is one of our favourite parts of the whole thing. There’s no set sequence, the songs have been concocted from many different starting points. The vast majority of the writing is done altogether. It’s very much a collaborative effort which we think is evident in the music. Someone might bring an idea, such as a theme, a melody or a rhythm, and we grow our parts around that and spend a lot of time trying new ideas. I think originality is a priority for us- obviously we want our music to be informed by our influences, yet be something that ends up sounding different.

MIMR: We love the recent EP here on MIMR, how did the record come together and did it achieve everything you set out to achieve?

Barny: We spent a lot longer cultivating these songs than the previous EP and were happy with the end result. It was a bit painstaking at times, not knowing how to resolve certain issues we had with a song in places, but over the course of about a year and a half we eventually felt a sense of completion with each song. Then we took to the studio with our good friend Hugo Meredith- Hardy who recorded our first EP and knows our sound well. His ideas really helped inform the sound of Feather Mouth.

The release was well received by our growing audience and has also gained significant national airplay and very positive reviews. The single ‘You’re Not Listening’ has done particularly well which has been a great encouragement. Also BBC Introducing in Manchester have been so supportive and we were really thankful to have the opportunity to do a live session with them.

MIMR: What is the plan for this year as a band?

Barny: We’re back in the studio in April recording two more singles that will be coming out at different points this year. We’ve got our eyes on some summer festivals too, so keep your eyes and ears peeled folks!

MIMR: What’s your favourite thing about playing live and whats the most memorable gig you’ve played so far?

Barny: We often bring new material into the set and change it gig to gig until we think it’s ready. Our audience are such great listeners and seeing their reaction to these changes, like when someone plays a new part that just sits so well, and we’re all electrified by that on stage and feel the audience is with us too in that; that’s got to be up there.

We actually had a lovely conversation near the end of last year about each of our highlights of 2018 and the launch gig for Feather Mouth at Gullivers was on the podium for all of us. It just felt like the culmination of a lot of hard work and we enjoyed finally being able to showcase these songs.

MIMR: It’s been a pleasure to have you on the blog, what music do you listen to in your free time?

Barny: We actually did a cover of Dirty Projectors’ tune ‘Break- Thru’ at the EP Launch, they were a big influence on Feather Mouth for sure. It’s a bit all over the place to be honest, we have a playlist where we share anything and everything that we’ve been listening to, from Alvvays to Rosalía. Here’s a few of the latest additions: Beirut’s latest album, Pom Poko, Foals new album, Stella Donnelly, Lowly.

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Check out ‘Feather Mouth’ EP on Spotify now

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