MIMR Band Chat: Aria

Following the recent surge in new Manchester bands on MIMR, indie-rock newcomers Aria are the next act to excite us on the blog.

We spoke to lead man Oscar from the band ahead of their upcoming gigs and their much anticipated EP.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, who are Aria and how best would you describe your vibe?

Oscar: Aria is a 5 piece band formed by Elliot (bass), Ethan (Drums), Jack and Louis (guitars & synths) and Oscar (vocals). The project of Aria was borned 2 years ago when I (Oscar) started writing some lyrics in a little notebook about when I came to the UK from Spain. After that we started college together we felt like the band had to go more places, so this is why we started looking to gigs and we ended playing at Band On The Wall, Night People, Manchester Academy 3 and Zombie Shack. We like to experiment with different kind of genres, so this is why we don’t define ourselves as an indie band; we like to mix it with punk, lo-fi and even classical music in terms of structure of songs.

MIMR: What are the band plans for this year?

Oscar: We are releasing an EP on the 28th April called ‘Lost at 5’ and it will contain 2 songs. A part from that we are looking forward to do more gigs to gain experience and feel more confident on stage, as we want to give people a cathartic live experience with our music and our performance. After the EP we would like to record a whole album but first we would like to get a name in the Manchester scene.

MIMR: Tell me about the gigs you’ve got coming up, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

Oscar: Yes, we have a few gigs coming up. We are going to do the EP release party late April in a good venue in Central Manchester that unfortunately it is still top secret. We have another gig that we are going to announce very soon supporting a band that we really respect and admire.

MIMR: What songs are essential to hear if you were at a Indie/Rock disco?

Oscar: ‘That Sound’ by Sam Fender is good tune to go on a night out with Elliot. But if you prefer to go with me (Oscar) or Jack you would probably dance to ‘Mother’ by IDLES or ‘Preach to the Converted’ by Cabbage. Maybe if you prefer going out with Ethan you would be listening to any Miles Kane song, wether if Louis is there he’ll probably prefer to drink a bottle of wine and listen to Solange, Swans, or Hiaytus Kaiyote

MIMR: Thanks for speaking to us on MIMR, look forward to seeing you at Deco Records gig coming up, how can we keep up to date with everything going on with Aria?

Oscar: You can follow us on our instagram @ariamusiccc or facebook /youhavereachedaria, these 2 sites are the most actives we have. You can also check our webpage www.thisisaria.com.

You can see Aria playing at The Railway Inn on 5th April for our good friends Deco Records here’s all the details:


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