MIMR Gig Gallery: Deco Records All Dayer @ The Peer Hat 09.02.19

The long overdue return of MIMR Gig Gallery, a regular feature on the blog a few years ago is back and to start things off we have all the best moments captured from my good friends Deco Records and their brilliant All Dayer at The Peer Hat.

All the bands played their part in one hell of a show, headlined by one of MIMR favourite new bands at the moment Blanketman

We start off with the sweet grooves of Woman You Stole who got things off to a cracking start, MIMR will be seeing them again.

Next up were the brilliant Chew Magna with some grunge-frenzied cuts from their EP ‘White Hotel’

Finally MIMR got to see The Early Morning in full flow and it was a delight.

Official War Artist plunged through their set with great gusto and were a real highlight at The Peer Hat

The Starlight Magic Hour took to the stage and certainly got the crowd up for it.

Slow Knife really made their mark with a super set!

One of MIMR faves Threads came to the party and conquered!

The rawcous, joyous noise of Chupa Cabra tore up The Peet Hat stage.

Next up were Rabo De Toro who caused a stir with some animated moments, a real crazy ride!

And so we made it through to the headline act Blanketman who thrilled and lived up to the hype that MIMR has praised upon them over recnt times, a band going places.

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