MIMR Favourite Records: Blanketman

In a brand new feature on the blog we delve into the past and present to discover the records that some of MIMR’s favourite bands are influenced by and strongly recommend you take the time to listen to.

In the 1st of the series we were lucky to catch up with one of the best new bands coming out of Manchester currently, post-punk quartet Blanketman ahead of one their biggest shows to date, they’re headline slot for my good friends Deco Promotions at The Peer Hat this weekend

Adam: One of the albums that has influenced me the most is “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel. Although you probably can’t tell it from the music we play. It’s a mixture of Indie Rock and Folk that sounds like it’s been shoved through a lawnmower. The arrangements are class and the vocal melodies paired with Mangum’s voice are haunting and beautiful.
My recommended album at the moment would have to be “Down by the Jetty” by Dr. Feelgood. I can’t stop listening to it recently and I am a new fan of the band. The energy is just incredible and its all so catchy. R&B that helped give birth to punk. I also like this album because it reminds me that something doesn’t have to be completely brand new and original to still be great, which helps me keep some of my sanity. Also a great album to walk to, especially the track “Roxette”.

Dan: Influence: The fall – ‘dragnet’. Great repetitive, angular post punk.
Recommended album: Richard Dawson ‘Peasant’.

Ellie: Entertainment! — I really like that Gang of Four adopt the less is more approach- Burnham’s drumming often being simplistic yet powerful.
Violent femmes — An album that has stayed with me as one of my favourites for a while now. The relentless acoustic baselines and the xylophone solos on “gone daddy gone” never get boring.

Jeremy: The album that influence me the most is ”Disintegration” from The Cure, released in 1989. It’s the most romantic album I know, painting love on his purest and most detrimental sides. The melodic and rolling basslines of Simon Gallup are a true inspiration.
The album I highly recommend is ”Four Calendar Café” from The Cocteau Twins, released in 1993. This magic album has the power to bring peace in your heart, heal your wounds and cure your sleeplessness.

Thank you to Blanketman for sharing with us their picks, another edition in the new series coming soon.

Head down to The Peer Hat to see them in action on saturday (Feb 9th) courtesy of Deco Promotions, all the best bits from their set will appear on the blog and across social media over the weekend.

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