MIMR Band Chat: Threads

As we take a look at some of the bands playing this saturday’s Deco Promotions all dayer at The Peer Hat, it’s with great pleasure that the fantastic Threads dropped by to talk to MIMR ahead of their much anticipated set. We spoke to the band about new music and their favourite Manchester venues.

MIMR: What aspiration do you and the band have for this year?

George: One of the main thing’s we’re looking to do is get some new music out! We’ve got half an EP recorded. We were very privileged to be able to use 80Hz Studios with Baz Barrat lending a hand, but since then we’ve had a line up change and would like to give Sam a chance to put his spin on the tracks. We will hopefully be back in the studio sometime around march so watch this space.

MIMR: Having watched your blistering set at M20 festival in October it’s safe to say you make one hell of a noise, what is your favourite thing about playing live?

Kane: Well funnily enough for a long time there wasn’t particular much I enjoyed about playing live as I didn’t exactly know what I was meant to be doing up there. The past few gigs though and the confidence I have in the band and what we do, being a drunk screaming mess on stage is my favourite thing in the world now. Watching both the band and audience getting into the weird noises we make is extremely gratifying and just wonderful really.

MIMR: If could listen to just 3 records for the rest of your life which ones would they be and why?

George: Given the broad spectrum of tastes in Threads I don’t think it’s fair to have just one of us answer..

Movement by New Order- Its fresh, cold, but full of hope and the music well ahead of its time. Miserable and dancy at the same time. I’m a massive New Order fan but this one stands outs from the rest. It’s a brave departure from Joy Division but it shares some of their haunting qualities and hints to what the band will become.

Turn On the Bright Lights by Interpol: One of my favourite guitar albums, repetitive yet melodic and the guitar playing is very influential to me.

Primary Colours by The Horrors, :I appreciate this album wears its influences on it’s sleeves but when i was a teenager i’d never heard anything like it. It opened the door to bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Krautrock stuff like Beak> Neu! and Can. I also found out about DIY guitar pedals through Josh Hayward. Making them is now something i’m very much into and forms a big part of the THREADS sound. Because of this this album never gets old.

Kane: Funhouse by The Stooges, : Despite being made in 1970 I don’t think in terms of just pure mystic aggression and energy, nothing else has managed to top it since really. Rarely a week goes by without my frontal lobes don’t get flossed with its fuzzy goodness.

Perverted by Language by The Fall, : There are so many classics to choose from with this band. My favourite changes daily but seeing as this was the last one I listened to I’ll settle on this. No one quite matches matching genius lyricism to such primal music.

Tusk by Fleetwood Mac,: I’ve got a massive soft spot for 70’s double albums. They don’t really make records like that anymore, I often tell people when I’m drunk my musical ambition is to make something which a bastard child of Tusk and Deceit by This Heat. Melody and dissonance really compliment each other and I think despite how loud and noisey we are as a band there’s a lot of melody that keeps it together. Just a great album really. I nearly put the first Sade album here to mix things up a bit but alas didn’t haha. Smooth operator.

Sam: Modern English Decoration by Ulrika Spacek: Cos it’s ded good

It’s a Wonderful Life by Sparklehorse: Just because it’s probably the album i’ve listened to most ever.

Rock Island by Palm : I’ve never really heard much like it and it sounds like an even trippier version of the beach boys if that was possible.

Shaun: Slanted & Enchanted by Pavement: I love every album by pavement and know every song word for word. I play them all a lot including the B sides but S&E is my clear favorite.

Today’s Active Lifestyles by Polvo – I discovered Polvo some years ago, but this was the first album that got me into them. The guir tunings and timings are great.

Public Strain by Women: I’m struggling for a 3rd so i’ll pick something that hasn’t left my car’s CD collection for over a year. I bought it from Action Records in Preston years ago and just rediscovered it. It’s Ace!

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, see you at the Deco gig this Saturday, which other Manchester venues have you enjoyed playing or watching other bands play?

George: Playing Soup Kitchen supporting Madonnatron last year was a bit of a favourite. Kane and I had said to each other once, while we were watching Ulrika Spacek there, that in 2 years we’ll be playing on that stage. Well It only took us one! We had a great set and was cool to play with the Tron. As I mentioned earlier we played with N0V3L at YES in January. It was definitely one of our best shows so far. We had a lot of fun and the audience loved it, despite Kane having lost his voice. We got given a proper sound check for once and the tech was lovely, really attentive, and She made us sound great even with Kane sounding like Barry White and Tom Waits’s love child. It was very cool to play with a band like N0V3L at an exciting new venue like YES.

See them play at this on Saturday, full details here:

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