MIMR Band Chat: Rabo De Toro

Next up in our preview features ahead of this weekend’s Deco All Dayer at The Peer Hat we bring you the fantastic north-walian punkers Rabo De Toro

We caught up with the band ahead of their set.

MIMR: Super excited to have Rabo De Toro on MIMR, how best would you describe the band and what influences do you draw upon when making your music?

Rabo De Toro: We are excited to be on this, great event and top line up. We are a bunch of dada punky arsonists each with a mental list of influences,
we have an ex rut founder member in the band, draw on the mystical visions of showadddywaddy, dead kennedys feature highly, but mainly were are influenced by the news… soggy brexit, shite rape culture,
ideology pedlars…

MIMR: Now i’ve been warned that your all a bit bonkers, what crazy antics can we expect at your show at The Peer Hat this weekend?

Rabo De Toro: Not sure we do antics so much… we just are utterly committed to what we do on stage so Charlie G has to start revving himself up an hour or so before stage time… he can often be found doing star jumps or planking at the back of a boozer etc… there’s often some mime elements in the set and certainly improvised sections but other than that the craziness people describe is just us all ticking and stimming our way through.

MIMR: You all have very unique names within the band, how were these chosen and are they going to be legally binding or remain as stage names?

Rabo De Toro: There were legitimate reasons we needed stage names in the beginning, I forget how all the alter egos happened, Charlie Garlic existed on
some recordings and in projects for a long time and is named after a renowned N Manchester character from 80 years ago funnily enough.

MIMR: It’s been a joy to have you on MIMR, if you could live the life of a famous person for one day who would it be and why?

Rabo De Toro: Russ Abbott, that cat burnt it down everyday.

Catch them at this weekends Deco All Dayer, full line up is here and ticket details are here:


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