MIMR Band Chat: Chew Magna

In the latest preview features ahead of the upcoming Deco Promotion All-Dayer, Alt-grunge band Chew Magna are the latest band to be put under the spotlight.

We spoke to the band ahead of their appearance at The Peer Hat about the recent EP and what you can expect from one of their shows.

MIMR: Fantastic to have you on the blog, what do you as a band what to achieve this year?

Chew Magna: We’ve had a great year putting together our debut release (White Hotel EP) and playing around with what band we are.

This coming year is debut album, which is written and we’ve already start tracking, again at the White Hotel in Salford with Martin Hurley who engineered and produced the EP. Something about that place that feels right for our sound, and their big rooms are great for that big Albini drum sound.

So part of our attention is going towards our debut release, but we’ve started writing album number two. We jam everything as a four piece but we’re hitting a really productive stride and new songs are coming together.

But gigs and gigs and gigs, too…

MIMR: Been really enjoying your ‘White Hotel’ EP, how did that come together and are you pleased with the reception it’s had?

Yeah we’re chuffed. We were keen to have something out there now we are beginning to play more and we’re getting a rep for our live shows. So we quietly put it out on our own with a set view of getting really tight as a band ahead of more shows and the debut album.

The White Hotel EP is a collection of our earliest song ideas that share a certain sound, which we’re building on for the album and beyond.

We write them live so we recorded them live in the main room at the White Hotel. We wanted the process to be quick and to capture our energy. So no more than a few takes – Preserve the Servants was the only take we did of that song – and we bashed the whole thing out in a few hours on a cold Sunday afternoon.
Perfect for our short attention span.

MIMR: Looking forward to your set at Deco Records All Dayer coming up, what can people expect from one of your live shows?

Chew Magna: Our live shows are full of the energy of the EP. We’re building a head of steam live that we’re finding exciting so we hope people get down early to grab our set.

MIMR: Been a pleasure having you on the blog, wish you the best for the rest of the year, if you could choose only 3 records to listen to you which ones would they be and why?

Chew Magna: We’ve cheated because how could we ever agree on three, so…

Laurie – “Scream With Me – David Pajo” beautiful, intimate and ramshackle collection of finger picked Misfits covers.

Joel – ‘Tim’, Replacements – my favourite album by my favourite band. It’s their most dynamic and anthemic, people slag off the production, but who cares about that when the songs are this good. 10/10.

Simon – Station to Station, David Bowie – Surely the best track one, side one of all time. Bowie’s 70s output is pretty much unrivalled, but Station to Station for me is the apex of this purple period. I can’t think this will ever not be my favourite album.

Ben – Soft Bulletin, The Flaming Lips – Can’t beat that pure drum sound from the Dave Friedman production. So atmospheric. They’re pop songs but still totally different.

They will be on early doors at The Peer Hat on saturday (Feb 9th), here’s the ticket link:


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