MIMR Band Chat: Chupa Cabra

MIMR has teamed up with our good friends over at Deco Promotions ahead of a string of upcoming events to bring you the lowdown some of the bands that they habe expertly chosen and one of these events is next week’s All Dayer at The Peer Hat. One of these acts that will be gracing the stage on Feb 9th are, previously featured on MIMR, garage-punk trio Chupa Cabra who are sure to rip it up big time!

We spoke to the band ahead of the gig, they have already had a very busy year!

MIMR: Thrilled to have you on the blog, whats the latest with the band?

Chupa Cabra: we have been having a very good year so far. we played a really nice little festival on the south coast called Rockaway beach. theres a lovely atmosphere all weekend and it was great to catch some sets from new and old friends, aswell as give Gary Numan a good heckling. We have also just come back off our first continental outing, touring in france and belgium. we had some fucking fantastic gigs over there, we showed them a bit of jilted john and all that, they showed us their excellent cheeses and rather lax traffic laws.

MIMR: Your record released last year was one of MIMR favourite records, were you glad with how it turned out and can we expect more new music in 2019?

Chupa Cabra: Thanks very much MIMR, we thought it was a banger too. we are back in the studio really rather iminnently so keep your eyes peeled, stay alert , and stop sleeping, it may come at night

MIMR: Whats been your most memorable gig as a band to date?

Chupa Cabra: there are a few that stick out as being good, when you first play new cities like london and think your the business. We played a wedding once which was a pretty strange booking but a great night. of course we just get better every time we play so deco on the 9th will soon sweep all this into insignificance

MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, we look forward to your set for Deco Records on Feb 9th. Where can we check for updates and news about the band?

Chupa Cabra: facebook, twitter, instagram, ouija boards, the skies.

Facebook: fb://page/1465168733745476

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