MIMR Review: The Empty Page ‘When The Cloud Explodes’

A very welcome return to MIMR for Manchester rock trio The Empty Page with their rip-rawing new single released today (Feb 22nd) and another belting track eclipsing the heights of their previous efforts. When The Cloud Explodes is a raging stomp along, full of super-charged riffs, pulsating beats and high octane vocals put together produceContinue reading “MIMR Review: The Empty Page ‘When The Cloud Explodes’”

MIMR Gig Gallery: Deco Records All Dayer @ The Peer Hat 09.02.19

The long overdue return of MIMR Gig Gallery, a regular feature on the blog a few years ago is back and to start things off we have all the best moments captured from my good friends Deco Records and their brilliant All Dayer at The Peer Hat. All the bands played their part in oneContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery: Deco Records All Dayer @ The Peer Hat 09.02.19”

MIMR Band Chat: The Starlight Magic Hour

In the final feature ahead of this saturday’s Deco Promotions all dayer at The Peer Hat we chatted with The Starlight Magic Hour as they are prepare to hit the stage. MIMR: Super to have you on the blog, how did the band come about and was it clear from early on what direction yourContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: The Starlight Magic Hour”

MIMR Review: Woman You Stole ‘Frustration’

As the clock ticks down to saturday’s Deco Promotions all dayer at The Peer Hat, another act that are a must see are the delightful Woman You Stole and they unveil the video for latest track ‘Frustration’ in a eliquant manner. The Manchester lo-fi/post punk trio released they’re debut single last year and are alreadyContinue reading “MIMR Review: Woman You Stole ‘Frustration’”

MIMR Review: Slack Alices ‘Tasteful’

MIMR’s new punk saviours Slack Alices strike a match and burn a bright flame on their latest rip-rawing track ‘Tasteful’ released today (1st Feb) The manchester four-piece are certain to go places and this track only cements the predicted glorious path that they will follow this year. The track displays all the hard hitting punkContinue reading “MIMR Review: Slack Alices ‘Tasteful’”