MIMR Review: Chew Magna ‘White Hotel’ EP

Amongst the many outstanding new bands MIMR have bumped into this year none of them have made as much as a sparkling impression as Chew Magna and the ‘White Hotel’ EP punches some hefty blows sure to leave you dazed but ultimately engrossed from start to finish.

Released back in October, the record has at first raced past MIMR’s radar but has now quickly become one of our essential records to lose yourself to over and over again.

Named ‘White Hotel’ after the location in Salford it was recorded at, the Alt-rock foursome take the reins with plenty of gusto throughout and a full arsenal of electrifying noise which is ear popping and head spinning all at once.

EP opener Plenary is just a taster of what is to come on the record, thrilling riffs and crashing beats hammer home Chew Magna’s 90s alterative buzz and crackle. ‘Preserve the Servants’ has the Manchester quartet spreading their wings and bursting out with bellowing vocals and some high-altitude, grunge-infused riffs that really hit the spot.

‘Nailing Jellyfish Against The Wall’ bulldozes its way through with some frenetic guitars which refurberate your brain as well as tingling your whole body at the sane time.

The notches on the Chew Magna machine are slightly turned down on the EPs next delight ‘Question Everything’ before exploding into another mind-bending crusade full of stomping beats and ferocious riffs.

EP closer ‘Going Nowhere’ perfectly brings proceedings to a close, its breezes along with great gusto and more bellowing vocals illustrate the feel good mood that Chew Magna brilliantly project on this record.

The next thing to witness is one of their thrilling live shows and gladly there ain’t long before you can get the chance to witness them in blistering action as they are part of my good friends Deco Records and they’re all dayer at The Peer Hat on Feb 9th, one not to be missed!

Listen to the EP here:

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