MIMR Band Chat: Mr Ted

We’re delighted to welcome Mr Ted to MIMR as they are embark on a busy period for the merseyside quartet. They are set to release their latest single ‘Muscle Milk’ on Feb 8th and a debut album to unveil in the summer too.

We caught up with the band ahead of some upcoming tour dates including their show at The Railway Inn, West Didsbury with our good friends at Deco Promotions this weekend!

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band, will 2019 be a big year for you?

Mr Ted: Album, singles, music videos, writing for a potential second album and gigs all over the UK. What isn’t happening! We released our debut single Shame last November (https://youtu.be/cKiti1mM01s) and we have our second single muscle milk being released 8th Feb (https://facebook.com/events/284685378862375). We plan to release a third single before the full album release in the summer. We are hoping to play more gigs in more exotic places. Bognor Regis anyone? We see 2019 as a big year for us, and we are truly excited to spread the Ted. Bigger than some previous years but maybe not as big as other years but still quite big. Big enough. Let’s hope it’s big enough. We think it will be big. Like the film with Tom Hanks. That big

MIMR: How best would you describe your music?

Mr Ted: Well it is definitely music of some kind, it has elements of music that you might recognise. How best to describe it? Erm………. uh……. umm…… scrungey, heavy, loud, noisy and big dose of silly. It’s difficult to describe our sound, we jump in and out of genres song to song (frequently in-song). It’s big music. Why box ourselves in to one particular thing? It’s big enough music.

MIMR: Looking forward to seeing you play at the Railway gig, what has been your most memorable gig you’ve played so far as a band?

Mr Ted: Well we have played some fun gigs but for us personally we’d have to say the most memorable gig was the last one we played because we remember it the best, probably because it wasn’t as long ago as the ones before it. Mr Ted gigs are always a good wildcard. When we first started back 9 years ago we had a few good birthday gigs in 1 year with balloons and goodie bags. We’ve played in a Laserquest for Salt the Snails single release for their song Lazerquest which was shot in a laserquest and it was absolutely bonkers, the noise was big and the crowd up close and personal, it was madness. Our debut single release was boss with our good mates Crapsons, having everyone screaming ‘isn’t it a shame when you drop your f*cking quavers’ was surreal to say the least.

MIMR: Great to have you on MIMR, how can people check you out on social media?

Mr Ted: We are active on Facebook (/mrtedlives) , Instagram (/mrtedlives), YouTube (check out our mini web series “Micro Ted”), Spotify and Twitter (@mrtedlives). If people have smart phones they can use them, or if they have an iPad or laptop. Even a desktop computer. Some smart TVs have an online function these days so that’s another way.

You can see them this weekend!


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