MIMR Band Chat: Pleasures

One of the brightest new bands to become known to MIMR over recent times Pleasures are ready to bring their raucous, high voltage punk sound to the masses in 2019.

We spoke to Miles (Drums) from the band ahead of their headline show for our good friends at Deco Promotions at Railway Inn on Jan 25th

MIMR: Great to have Pleasures on MIMR, how did the band start up and was it easy to determine what musical direction your sound was going to take?

Miles: We first played together when we were alot younger in a practice room in school and through 2 years of weekly practice and a years worth of bar gigs in places like jam inn and mono in chorlton we eventually found our sound and played our first big gig at Manchester club academy as a supporting band.

MIMR: I see that Louder than War website have put you on their list of 50 bands to see in 2019, what plans do you have for the year?

Miles: For 2019 we’ve got plenty of gigs planned including our FRANK NEW WAVE night at aatma Nq with bands, Mc’s and djs. At some point we will be back in the studio to record and release new music and a music video is on its way. We also want to get our music heard by as many people as possible.

MIMR: We are really looking forward to you headlining Deco gig at the Railway on 25th, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

Miles: High energy, mosh pits and a good time with an unforgettable set.

MIMR: Thanks for taking the time out to speak to MIMR, see you on 25th. What music around at the moment ‘pleasures’ you, any bands we should check out?

Miles: Blanketman great all round band and people. yang sweeps who have just released an album ‘dad rock’ which is sounding sweet nice and chilled out; a great listen.


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