MIMR Review: Chew Magna ‘White Hotel’ EP

Amongst the many outstanding new bands MIMR have bumped into this year none of them have made as much as a sparkling impression as Chew Magna and the ‘White Hotel’ EP punches some hefty blows sure to leave you dazed but ultimately engrossed from start to finish. Released back in October, the record has atContinue reading “MIMR Review: Chew Magna ‘White Hotel’ EP”

MIMR Review: Cowgirl ‘You’re Not There’

January has been far from a quiet month for new music and one of the coolest new tracks to hit MIMR ears is this next band, the brilliant Cowgirl with their latest single ‘You’re Not There’ really getting under your skin and into your head. The rock and rollers from York draw you in withContinue reading “MIMR Review: Cowgirl ‘You’re Not There’”

MIMR Review: Shader ‘Silver’

Putting their feet down firmly on the throttle and taking you on a wild ride are North West based rockers Shader and their latest single, released back in November is a indie/rock n roll crusade that you don’t want to miss out on. Swirling, glorious guitars thumping beats and spine-tingling vocals make for a classicContinue reading “MIMR Review: Shader ‘Silver’”

MIMR Review: Crapsons ‘Kings Of The Council Estate’

We start off the new year on the blog with the fast and frenzied punk tremors that Crapsons create which refurberate your brain after just one listen. The duo from the Wirral have become a new favourite here at MIMR and they’re thunderous sound is proven on this latest endeavour. ‘Kings Of The Council Estate’Continue reading “MIMR Review: Crapsons ‘Kings Of The Council Estate’”