MIMR Awards 2018

In this feature MIMR wraps up the year with some of the best music to hit the blog this year from some of the best acts around and we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring. Here’s the complete list:

Best Album:

1. Liines ‘Stop-Start’

2. Claw The Thin Ice ‘Wanderlust Of Venus’

3. TVAM ‘Psychic Data’

Best EP:

1. Gravves ‘Oh, The Joy’

2. Darma ‘Gloom’

3. The Hyena Kill ‘Spun’

Best New Band:

1. Blanketman

2. Idle Hours

3. Crying Beauty Queens

Best single of 2018

1. Sam Leoh ‘Outside In’

2. Campfire Social ‘Oh Atrophy’

3. Blanketman ‘Sick n Tired/Flip It Over’

4. Careering ‘Coughing/Thigh Slapper’

5. Gravves ‘Power Bomb Baby’

6. Kidsmoke ‘Sister Sadness’

7. Darma ‘Miasma’

8. Deja Vega ‘Eyes Of Steel’

9. Crying Beauty Queens ‘After The Fire’

10. Idle Hours ‘Happiest Place On Earth’

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