MIMR Best of EPs 2018

It’s that time of the year again where we look back on the best records to have graced MIMR and there has been so many from some of MIMR favourite acts. I’ve managed to narrow them down to a top 30 list, each one well worth checking out!

30. Afghan Sand Gang ‘Machine Music’

29. Jane Doe ‘Controlling Behaviour’

28. Waves Of Dread ‘Waves Of Dread EP’

27. Marla Singer ‘Out Of Your Hands’

26. Sisteray ‘Sisteray Said’

25. Scuttlers ‘We Are Scuttlers’

24. Jekyll ‘Jekyll’

23. Dantevilles ‘Dantevilles’

22. Night Owls ‘Tragically Human’

21. Carnival Club ‘Nomads and Crooks’

20. Future Coda ‘Sign To Prepare’

19. Digital Garden Party ‘One’

18. Edits ‘Re-Surface’

17. Grimm Twins ‘It’s Grimm Up North’

16. Delphina Kings ‘Don’t think this is Gonna Work’

15. Danny Gruff ‘Coffee Beans’

14. Benji Holmes ‘Coming Alive Or Falling Asleep’

13. Cassia ‘Movers and Shapers’

12. Spinn ‘Spinn EP’

11. The Maple State ‘The Motorbike and The Closest Of Calls’

10. Peaks ‘Happy Medium’

9. Ambiere ‘Ambiere’

8. Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘Sweet Deals On Surgery’

7. Ist Ist ‘Spinning Rooms’

6. Delta Radio Band ‘Embassy’

5. The Hubbards ‘Petty Grudge Pop’

4. Careering ‘Wine Giant’

3. The Hyena Kill ‘Spun’

2. Darma ‘Gloom’

1. Gravves ‘Oh, The Joy’

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